S3 – Duck Chronicles 24 – 12 Turkeys Out The Door — 7 Comments

  1. Jack,
    There are tons of green smoothie recipes with a whole or half a cucumber in them. Also, make a gallon of cuke water for your daily drinking water. Enjoy the green missiles!

    Thanks for the turkey video, the Thankgiving(s) look great! Duck mamas too.
    Your place looks green as the tropics!

  2. Jack

    Could u please record the podcasts at 56 kb or even less as some of us dont have good internet access and it takes 3x as long to download a higher quality podcast over limited resorces.



    • Right now I publish at 32kbps, that is as low as sony vegas will let me go. It is “FM quality radio” which I have always found is good enough, most podcasts publish at 128kbps, or 4 times lager than my files, this is the best I can do.

  3. Maybe a silly question, but do turkeys produce edible turkey eggs ?

    My local store sells mostly hen eggs and occasionally duck eggs, I wonder what would happen if I placed an order for a dozen Turkey eggs ,
    I think I might get strange looks .

    • Not only edible but a specialty item that is expensive. Selling for 2-4 dollars a piece.

    • It depends on sex and genetics.

      Last year our largest dressed out at 40 pounds, again dressed at 40.

      Smallest was the runt hen of the litter who dressed at 24.

      Hens averaged 28, toms averaged about 34.

      Easiest meat you will ever produce. Of course you can harvest much younger for smaller birds if you want. We cooked one half a breast cutlet and one leg quarter for Thanksgiving off the 40 lb one last year for a table of 6, we still had leftovers on back to work Monday.