Episode-1784- RV Living and Freedom From the Corporate Grind — 9 Comments

  1. This is perfect timing as yesterday the better half and I were talking about doing this next year. How did you know Jack?!

  2. have you looked into drop shipping as a way to make money? I dont know much about it but I know you could do that on the road. Is your mom coming around now Kait, supporting you in this lifestyle?

    • When we started figuring out what we wanted to do to earn income, we did discuss the drop shipping route. There’s actually a great book called “The 4hr Workweek” and the author talks about this at length. Its not something that we felt very passionate about, hence why we chose to document our travels and adventures (plus it doesn’t feel like “work”).
      Now that we’ve been on the road for a bit and Kait’s mom has seen how much happier we are and that we’re starting to make money, she has become one of our biggest supporters. To be honest, this would have been much harder for us had our families not been so supportive.