From City Life to Rural Homestead – Epi-3321 — 5 Comments

  1. Love you Jack and I love what you do. Thank you so so very much. I’m building my urban Homestead in a Natchez, Mississippi, approximately 10,000 people ish. Doing it on very little $. Im starting to meet some of my people building up a trade community. People are awakening. Learning/Doing producing food. I’m more excited & out going than ever before. Because so many are getting it. The American spirit of freedom which means being a producer rather than only consumption mammal. This show & others like it are desperately needed now. Fuck excuses. The law of attraction is real but only works in unity with the law of G.O.Y.A. Get Off Your Ass, & DO Shit

    Do the Things. We need more and more of these types of people to come forward and tell their stories and do videos and so on because the majority of the people who really want to do this are poor. This is part of the reason why they are the majority of the people who want to do this because they or we do not have the opportunity or Funding, Provision to eat REAL FOOD the way we want to. I started eating healthy when my daughter and I had absolutely nothing but a house to live, no utilities and the only income we had was less than $400 worth of food stamps monthly. When people tell me they can’t eat healthy because it costs too much I tell them they need to shift their mindset and stop lying to their fucking self. How the fuck do you even know if you can eat healthier or not because it costs too much if you’ve never taken a fucking year at least to work on it and learn how to do it.

    Many times I’m so broke that I’m not able to eat enough calories to truly sustain me as I’m busting my ass building this urban Homestead. I will eat less calories and make sure my daughter has plenty. Poverty people need the mindset shift. From I can’t do it because fill in the blank.

    To everything is all about an investment mindset. This is hard for people for many different reasons to accept but it’s mostly particularly because of all the generations of brain washing. Lots of people never start gardening or raising chickens or doing anything new because they don’t know how or where to start and they’re so stuck in depression, fear, anxiety and so on and that they don’t even consciously realize they should turn Facebook off and turn YouTube on and learn how to fuck to do the things that we need to be doing to be producers and growth communities and work together and Be a part of the parallel community that is being built now before this horse shit of an economy or system that America has crumbles. God-bless you and your, Jack.

    And not who you think God is but who God really is. You are an amazing man and do so much to help so many people. I have a feeling if it truly is the end of the world, it’s the end of the world as we know it and people like us. Strong men and women make good times are going to repupulate the Earth one day.