Episode-1798- The New Rules of Marksmanship with Chris Sajnog — 12 Comments

  1. Wow, I just read Chris’ book 2 days ago!

    Already all set to try the 100% pistol grip. =)

    I also really appreciated the virtuoso concept, and the reminder that life is too short to waste time while training.

  2. It is like you were reading my mind about the song of the day. I was going to write in to suggest it with some talking points, though maybe not the same as you would use. Strange.

  3. This feels like a dumb question, but I’m not certain of the answer so I’ll ask anyway.

    Are the “blue guns” specifically better to train with at that stage than my carry gun unloaded/with snap caps? I have the latter already but I’ll buy the former if there’s any advantage.

    Thanks as always

    • Ask 5 trainers you may get 5 answers, I say that before giving mine to be clear Chris may answer this a lot differently.

      My view you know what comes next right? It depends.

      Are you a experienced shooter, do you live and breath safety to the point where you don’t fear your weapon but yet are still compulsive with clear it, clear it again, clear it again. When you put it down even if you never take your eyes off it, you clear it again when you pick it back up?

      Well then I see dry exercise with your actual gun and a blue gun being almost a match, to a point though. The exception.

      Say you are working on things in chunks as Chris called them. Well as long at that trigger can be pulled, you are going to want to. A blue gun will make you focus on everything up to that point, and hold you there so it can still give value.

      Conversely if you need work on your safety, if you are still doing mag drops that would muzzle a guy to your left, etc, get a blue gun and it will make you think about correcting that.

      If you are brand new or just rusty a blue gun is a great idea, it removes the possibility of dangerous mistakes, but still indicates when you make one. Hope that makes sense.

      • Adding, so you could use a blue gun to emulate mag drops, it won’t actually do it of course. Then move to using an airsoft clone, then your actual gun.

        This gives you a goal, when I get better by X, I will move to the next level. Seems small but why the hell do people care what the number at the end of a video game is, it is random nonsense. I can make a game where a million is an incredible score or one where it takes 5 minutes. But people will strive based on the fake scale created by some programmer. In our head levels matter.

        Additionally I leave my 1911 cheapo airsoft gun on the table, I would not leave a real gun there. Sometimes I walk by, pick it up, do some pointing drills, drop the mag and do a swap, pick the one mag up an put it back on the table.

        This means I was just posting a comment, walked to the kitchen for tea, saw something, had to go into shooting mode, then back to my day. We get ready on ranges, we are seldom able to “get ready” in real life.

      • Thanks. Sounds like the blue guns are a win or break even situation, and I like those odds. I’ll get one.

  4. So living most of my life in the Phoenix area, where most people get Valley Fever at some point in their lives, I had it in my late teens. It rarely stays with you, most people develop an immunity. Go to the Mayo Clinic and look it up, under treatments it tells the tale.

  5. Always love the show Jack and always learn something but listening to you talk about airsoft I realized there is one area where I know more than you aha

  6. Great show Jack. I found Chris online back in Feb. and I was very excited that you put him on your show! I got some handgun training with some county sheriffs at the beginning of the year and I’m going to try Chris’ program until I go back for the intermediate class later this year. Skills up!

  7. Wow! This was a really good podcast and showed a different perspective from what is commonly shown. I just ordered the book and I cannot wait to read it!