Episode-2706- Another Round Table Episode — 9 Comments

  1. ‘Hoarded seeds’ can be thrown in the back seat of your car as you flee the burning, post apocalyptic ruins of your city. ‘Hoarded’ ammo, not so much.

    Between ammo & grain storage, moving as a prepper…sucks. Especially if you’re not paying attention to distributing the weight evenly in that moving van.  =p


    On ‘loopholes’, I’ve heard it said that the US is run by lawyers. Lawyers love to play ‘one upmanship’ games. It’s all about how ‘clever’ they can be.

    How far can I push this? What can I get away with? Can I argue people into agreeing that black is white? Monkey dominance games.

    I’m sure many of you have heard the one about the lawyer that tried to collect from his insurance company on the Cuban cigars he insured, and then smoked (‘they were destroyed in a series of small fires’).

    The point? To them, ‘the system’ is a giant game, not to be taken seriously. A playground they’ve constructed for their amusement. It is not built, nor intended to be rational, infallible or just. It’s a toy.

    Play with their toy. Figure out the ‘loopholes’. But like any game, be aware of the ‘penalties’ for violating ‘the rules’ (which are constantly being rewritten, by the play) before you try a ‘new move’.

    Companies, particularly financial companies, are doing this all the time. Rewriting the rules by doing something until ‘the law’, ‘catches up’.

    If you’re being agorist, in a very local way. You can play ‘off the board’, where there really are no prescribed ‘penalties’ for your actions. With practice, you can live most of your life off the board.

    But don’t take any of it too seriously. It’s just a big monkey game. =)


    * – This makes me think that maybe lawyers were the first hackers. Trying to understand a system by breaking it.


    • to a lawyer, ALL that matters is #winning!

      ‘rules’ & ‘reality’ are for suckers


  2. I was looking into Jaxx Liberty wallet and there are a LOT of 1 star reviews, their response is a canned and obviously unconcerned response and their website is down, so I cannot download it onto my desktop.  Anyone have any suggestions for a different decent Crypto wallet?

      • I don’t know what you guys are on about with this. Jaxx works great, I have not had to get an update or whatever on my opinion.

  3. 3D printing may be slow, but in comparison to what? It may still be faster than making the item by hand.

    The big advantage is that once started, they are mostly hands off. Which means start the print and walk away until it is done or messes up. At the start of quarantine, there were single individuals running dozens or hundreds of 3D printers making PPE. What other manufacturing method allows that?

    • Slower than what is a good question.  Example this weekend I was doing a project and came up one bulkhead short.  Those are 4 bucks with free shipping on Amazon.  Two days and 4 dollars later I had my bulkhead, I may now get the project done this coming weekend.  So if I had a program to make one, and it took 8 hours to print it on Saturday, on Sunday I’d of finished my work and this weekend would be free.

      So slower than a factory in China making 100,000 a day sure but slower than the time it takes me to get this one little thing I need that holds up work for a week?

      Also same bulkheads in the spring when I was selling the shit out of them ended up in a shortage with purchase limits and a two week lead time on Amazon.  So again slower than what?

      I think the real brilliance of 3D printing at least short term will be things like this.  Parts you can’t get any more or parts for old things that are stupid expensive.  I mean I don’t really need a Captian America bust but I often need one little stupid thing that may only cost a dollar fifty but it involves stopping and running to Lowes, etc.

      • Oh, so it’s YOUR fault I could only order 3 at a time! =p

        Did make me decide to keep a half dozen ‘in stock’. They’re a ‘subscribe and save’ item (5% off) at the 5 item level.

        As for ‘speed’, not the fastest. But you can just have it cranking away. Here’s a crazy example: <- What he decides to print <- How many he printed <- How long it took

        But the custom aspect, sometimes totally worth it.

        For the Vertical Farm for example, I’d rather have a quick twist water level disconnect to drain the trays. Dumb? Sort of, but it would be easy to do with a custom printed bulkhead connector. I also want to try a piece of garden hose as the drain line to the next tray so I can vary the height without cutting more PVC, again, simple & dumb…but would be easy to play with and ‘tune’ with a 3D printer.



  4. When it comes to 3D printing you are how files could be purchased and sent to those who already have printers.  In fact, it’s already being done on both a purchase method and open source methods.  There are plenty of websites already that a person can download files to print.  Sites like, and can all be used to find already designed things you can print.  There is even a “google search” specifically for 3D printing called Yeggi which searches for the files you want on multiple websites.

    That said the two biggest issues with 3D printers currently are cost and strength.  A 3D printer for under $1000 takes some tinkering time to make run correctly easily.  Sort of like a carb sometimes they right out of the box, sometimes you spend hours adjusting them to get your engine to run right.  It takes a special kind of person to get a cheaper 3D printer to run right every time.

    The other problem is strength.  Currently, the most cost-effective and common “printer ink”  also known as filament are PLA, ABS, and PETG.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages.  However, none are as strong as metal, and many times they aren’t as strong as injected molded plastics.

    Of course, there are ways to 3D print metals, carbon fiber loaded nylons and other stronger stuff.  This all, of course, adds to cost and makes it cost-prohibitive compared to buying the product.

    Currently, 3D printing is best used for one-off products and rapid prototyping.  With those who are into design work having options to do the design work and actually send those plans to companies with industrial 3D printers for high-quality prints that will do what they need to be done, without the high cost of having a $3000-250,000 machine sitting in their basement.