Topic Roundtable for 8-3-21 – Epi 2927 — 4 Comments

  1. Three weeks ago (as I traveled for my honeymoon right past your house! Lol) I got sick as on our way back home. I went to the little clinic at my local Kroger. I had ever symptom of covid. She didn’t a rapid test (negative) then repeated that the rapid test are flawed and she gave me a PCR test. My breathing was very labored and I asked for a steroid.. she said steroids could inflame covid if that’s is what I had so she couldn’t give that to me until she got a negative PCR test.

  2. This entire PLANdemic was invented to introduce an adult vaccine schedule. Mentality.

  3. Can you please post the video or article you sited with mRNA inventor and other doctors? Sorry if I just missed where you posted it. Thanks