Episode-2703- Topic Round Table for 8-3-20 — 9 Comments

  1. A new compound LOGIC FALLACY:

    Hypothesis Straw Man – Ignore original hypothesis, create new hypothesis that is easily disprovable and disprove it. Declare victory.



  2. Can you get someone on who can try to  prove that the covid tests work because I don’t believe they work. More people should be asking that question. I don’t think if you offered them a substantial amount of money that they could prove that it works. It doesn’t matter if they can debate or prove anything, they just go with the propaganda or decide to go with the flow of the medical establishment

  3. No idea how to get on his show, but I spend a lot of time listening to both you and Joe Rogan and want to see you two together discussing any subject. Maybe you can pitch a debate with his former show guest Michael Osterholm who convinced him Covid was dangerous back in March and is still making the rounds in the press (he happens to have a book for sale).

    Here are some potential ideas.

    It would seem Joe Rogan grasps the HCQ issue pretty well from around 2:20 but defaults to the “I’m a moron” excuse for apathy: Maybe get a top comment with a few 1,000 likes (or whatever their algorithm is) with link to offer to debate?

    Matt Staggs is his guest booker, is he in your network?

    His producer is Jaime Vernon, can he be reached through twitter?  Linkedin?  Twitch account?

    His comedian friends have smaller podcast/youtube channels, maybe get on one of their shows first to get a referral? He respects Joey Diaz who has about 600k youtube subscribers, but not sure how you fit with his show.

    Joe loves DMT stories, find a dozen guest to tell their experience and he may come to you!

  4. Does it matter what brand of Vit D3 you use?
    Are they all the same or do you go for the better brands?

    • It really is not critical most of any d3 is pretty much the same. K2 you may want to err to the side of caution and get an MK4 versions if you plan to take higher doses then say 5Kius of D a day. More today I am still learning about this. Literally reading a book now called “How to Use High Dose Vitamin D and Not Die”.