Topic Roundtable for 8-2-21 – Epi 2926 — 4 Comments

  1. It does seem like the PCR test was one of the primary ways that they where able to grossly exaggerate the numbers and the risks based on high false positives. They will never admit that there have been huge numbers of false positives and the reasons that that is true. They will never admit chloroquine or other things work and they have been trying like hell to downplay or deny that the virus came from a lab. They do everything they can to hype covid including censorship of large numbers of doctors and scientists. It doesn’t matter how reasonable and nice your criticism of their system is, they are still going to demonize and attack you. Many or most people are brainwashed into their system, but there are masterminds behind it all and the best analyses would seem to indicate it’s deliberate and nefarious

  2. The only reason it’s difficult to prove what I am saying is because so much of everything that goes on is protected by intense secrecy, lack of transparency, public apathy, disinfo, and lack of adequate news coverage

  3. I thought Gerald Celente was going to start a “Church”, but haven’t heard if/when that is happening.