Episode-2892- Topic Round Table for 6-14-21 — 12 Comments

  1. Jack, go to Bret Weinstein Darkhorse Podcast and listen to How to Save the World in 3 Easy Steps. Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist, interviews Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology. Podcast is long but incredibly eye opening. Also, Weinstein on Darkhorse podcast interviewed Dr. Pierre Kory. Title is Covid, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century on June 1. Both podcasts scrubbed from YouTube. Long but astounding information

  2. We were discussing vaccines the other day. My oldest thought HIPPA would prevent his employer from asking. My daughter advised him it doesn’t. My thought was, didn’t Roe vs Wade decision use the 14th ammendment to say women had a “right to privacy” to justify abortion? Couldn’t that be used now for vaccines?

  3. The SGT report says that black rock is buying these homes as part of the great reset and they are becoming rentals and not for sale. Something like that fits my suspicions

    Letting some countries go crypto could also be a way to kill the dollar in favor of a cashless system

    • The first one would be debatable the second does not track logically, at all.

  4. Hi Jack.

    I heard the interview by Bryam Brindle about a week ago. It was still easy to find his work then.

    There was an article about him receiving funding to help develop the covid vaccine. In my mind that makes a warning from him to be especially important to listen to. It is concerning how quickly history can be papered over.

    I went through my history to try and find the news article showing the grant funding, unfortunately I saw the headline but did not click into the article, so I can’t find the article right now.

  5. Dr Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch discussed the Spike Protein hypothesis on the Dark Horse podcast with Bret Winstien Friday.., fascinating stuff..

  6. I cannot find the website that was mentioned “” so I assume it was taken down.

      • Is there any new website or am I crazy? I want to find this information so it’s easier to justify why I really don’t think the “vaccine” is a good idea.

  7. The down stream impact of this mRNA therapy will be in the availability of “clean” blood for transfusions. Be careful when scheduling elective surgery.