Episode-2861- Topic Round Table for 4-20-21 — 6 Comments

    • No it isn’t. If they passed a law mandating yes, asking no.

      My right to free speech is not a right on your personal property. I have no right to paint “surfivor sucks” on your door and claim free speech was violated it if you remove it.

      Twitter and FB are not public utilities they are publicly traded but privately owned companies.

  1. What the Bill Maher segment really shows to me is how easily public sentiment and opinion can be shifted in large ways, and how dangerous this makes our social and cultural environment. It’s no wonder the zombie genre has gained so much traction the past couple decades.

    I’m not criticizing Bill Maher specifically (yeah he’s a tool but that’s a separate issue), rather it’s about the prevalence of pundit/influencer worship and practice of “preference over principles”. So many people will simply adopt whatever position they see being adopted by the herd or one’s favorite talking head. This isn’t a new thing by any means, but IMO this increasing trend is more dangerous than Covid-19 or any riot ever could be.

  2. Bill Maher is only extreme left from a right wing perspective. Extreme lefties hate him with a passion. He frequently rants against socialists, defund the police, massive spending, woke-ism and all that nonsense. He’s middle left at most. He’s been complaining for years about California’s over-regulation, sometimes he even sounds like a Republican.