Episode-2810- Topic Round Table for 1-21-21 — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Jack,

    Great show, well worth the money, Thanks for that.

    Question, Do you know or can reach out to Parler and see if they have looked at Odysee as a hosting platform?

    While I do understand how, in general, the Internet, DNS and the like go on, it would seem that either the Edge link you shared in the shownotes or Parler would be a possible solution, and AWS can proceed to firmly insert their collective head up their as the AIRBORNE would say The fourth point of contact. 🙂

    Just a thought, if I missed something, bad on me.

    Blessings to Clan Spirko and your outside of family friends and loved ones.


  2. Good morning Jack:

    Odysee does have criteria to convert your YouTube feed.

    I have a small YouTube channel for converted VHS family videos, my subscribers are family and friends. I attempted to move them to Odysee, but didn’t qualify. Below is the text from the email they sent:


    At this time, your channel does not qualify for the sync program because it doesn’t have recent and regular content, doesn’t have the minimum 300 subs required, or doesn’t meet our content standards (original and quality content). Thank you for understanding. Learn more on our FAQ.

    You are more than welcome to upload to Odysee directly.

    Rewards will be enabled on your account shortly.

  3. After listening to this episode I checked local tractor supply for “sweet feed” for the garden. 1st one listed is a 12% sweet mix. It has molasses which I bet the soil organisms would love.