Episode-2740- Topic Round Table 9-28-20 — 8 Comments

  1. I was in Russia in 1993 and the number then was about 1/2 of the food came from garden plots in their front and back yards.

    This number had to be things like veg, couldn’t be true about grain.

    • “had to be things like veg”

      potatoes. most russians who could had their own little potato patch.

  2. Just a quick question, since you are so passionate about it, why do you hate Bill Gates so much? Not defending the man, just hoping for some insight into why.

  3. If anyone wants to watch Tales from the Green Valley there is a better quality upload for it under the the Youtube channel HistoricalHeero. The one linked here has that Youtube stabilizer (or whatever you call it) that makes it kind of weird to watch.

    • There isn’t one, at least that we KNOW. For example is D3 a zinc ionophore? IDK but the more I know about D the more I think it can do a lot of things we don’t know that it can and have yet to test.

      What about the steroids being used? Again IDK it hasn’t been tested, not including a known one though seems like a hole to plug. 250 mg of Quercetin can’t hurt and damn sure could help.