Episode-2738- Topic Round Table 9-24-20 — 3 Comments

  1. My sense of things in the US is less than half of the people are actually the controlling sort you describe, yet that very nature makes them more ‘forceful’ in the end result than the majority who have no desire for control over others. A sociopathic ‘Pareto Principle’ if you will. (BTW it’s far from perfect where I’m at, but one thing I LOVE is that as long as you’re not making life difficult for others you are pretty much LEFT ALONE!)

    Regardless, the effect is the same and so I honestly feel this is more of a “build your own and ride the wave” situation than “fighting city hall”. The idea is to make it through the period of turmoil intact, try to nudge the existing trends a bit in the right directions when we can, and help build alternative systems (cryptocurrency economies, agorist communities, permaculture food producers, etc.) for people to discover when the status quo systems either fail hard or become so restrictive even the most compliant people get fed up. As with most things, it’s incentives that drive people in the long term more so than promises or force. But it will inevitably take time for those new systems & incentives to become apparent to the majority, so this will have to be a very patient sort of game.

  2. Jack,

    Is there a way to determine what credit/debit card was used and preemptively update the information before renewal? My cards have both recently been renewed so I’m sure I will get declined at the next renewal cycle.

    BTW, you are a huge Jerk! Because of you, while sitting in the hospital after my wife just had our 4th child, I downloaded and read Total Money Makeover in its entirety. My wife did in the following weeks and we both got on plan to eliminate our debt. In 18 short months we eliminated nearly 70k in debt or nearly $1500/month. Been a great stress relief in our lives.

    Thank you for all that you do!