Episode-2884- Topic Round Table for 6-2-21 — 13 Comments

  1. Colonial Pipelines accounting was hacked. Not the mechanism.

    God bless Max. Wish you and your family peace. You were lucky to know him.

    It will be interesting to see the dog Max will send you. Happened to me many times.

  2. Dear Jack,

    My family offers our Deepest sympathy to Dorothy and you and for you recent loss of Max. Over 11 years ago you responded to my questions about what kind of dog to get and how to train it. From December 09 until May this year you helped us to get more than any owner should from a dog. Max and Bronson are old souls and carry a bit of Jack with them. Thank you. Tony T

  3. Yeah, I’ve SO moved on from paying attention to the Fauci thing. As this narrative starts to turn on Fauci in force, I think it’s at that point we should deliberately try to be looking at other things other than him. Yeah he’s going to be very useful as a scapegoat, but my sense is that TPTB will try to push some questionable new executive order, military action, or foreign policy change to coincide with a Fauci scandal media circus. Never let a good crisis go to waste and all that. Perhaps they’ll also time it to coincide with the end of the eviction moratorium?

  4. I remember when you got max. We just put our 16 year old lab down. Always tough. Price ya pay. Jack, do know of where I can find that poem/short story about dogs you cited a while back? The gist was how dogs get old and the humans seem immortal to them. I’ve tried in vein to find it. If you had a link I would be very grateful. Don’t go out of your way. Thanks jack

  5. I’m sorry for your family’s loss, Jack.

    I never knew what it was like to have a dog until 5 years ago.

    He’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had…he’s my dog.

    While I think “thoughts and prayers” is overused and trite…

    …it’s all I can think of when I hear of Max’s passing.

  6. Even if the hack originated in Russia the country not the Kremlin, so what? Would it be fair if Russia attacked the US because a US citizen hacked into one of their corporations? What I think is going to happen is that secretly companies or governments will employ death squats to go after hackers. They are simply too disruptive and unaccountable. That may already be happening who knows.

  7. I think the important thing to keep in mind here with these “hacks” is that first – they are not hacks in how the media wants you to think of it.

    I believe that more often then not these are not targeted attacks. They can be – of course – but ransomware is typically spread using other trojans and viruses, typically via email, text, messenger, etc.

    For instance – I helped recover from an RYUK attack about two years ago – and what I found was that it got into our system via Emotet – which spread through an infected word doc, sent via email.

    That email looked like it was from a known associate and to the user – seemed legit. But that doesn’t mean we were targeted. After we got it — Emotet spread itself by replying to emails already in the persons outlook ( sadly this person was still on outlook ). So a bunch of our contacts got what looked like real emails from us.

    We contacted the company we got the fake email from ( for all intent and purpose ) and they confirmed they got hit before us and the virus replied to a bunch of their contacts to spread itself.

    So while the narrative of, Russia is hacking our critical infrastructure, sells ads it is probably very far from the truth.

    And — because of how these things spread — it is almost all the front office that get’s hit – cause that is where the email client and web browsing lives.

    Critical systems typically ( or should ) reside a layer or two removed from there.

    • This comment is so spot on that it is going into my next feedback show.

      • cool

        To add on just a bit — the ransom was never paid. We never contacted them or anyone else. We simply nuked the machines and pulled backups. Three straight days. What wasn’t backed up — we rebuilt and didn’t cry about it, just learned from it. This is life on the internet.

        There are of course things you can do to mitigate and limit your exposure – but at the end of the day, the last line of defense is the person sitting in the chair. Sadly those people are typically pretty ill-equipped.

  8. Any chance of getting the link to the covid death website? Thanks Jack, really enjoying my MSB discounts.