Episode-2875- Topic Round Table for 5-20-21 — 3 Comments

  1. You are correct Jack about the veterinary industry experiencing a huge upswing during the past 12 mos. or so. My wife and I own a vet clinic and our operation as well as most of those around us have seen new pet and client numbers that are off the charts. Our local humane society actually ran out or pets to adopt out last year – which, has literally never happened since they opened up decades ago. Thanks for all you do.

  2. We were talking about the underground economy a bit over at, and how there’s a big difference between listeners supporting the podcasters they like through support and donations and sending satoshis, and how they support a company like Netflix through a subscription. It reminded me of your point about buying seeds from a big box store vs the local feed store.

    One’s selling commodity, one’s selling community. We all make choices with our money on the type of world we want.

  3. As someone who’s walked many a mile on the beach, I didn’t need the idiot’s guide to know to walk behind the pole. How I wish I had seen that situation, how you didn’t fall on the ground laughing your ass off, I’ll never know.