Episode-2865- Topic Round Table for 4-26-21 — 13 Comments

  1. Good day

    I would like to broach a subject… that you are almost at, but i believe you will go kicking and screaming to the next logical step.

    A couple things you stated in this podcast
    > “Flat earthers are crazy”
    > “… doesn’t believe that nuclear bombs exist”

    So, lets start off with the bomb first, it is something i say a lot.


    Lets go at those two statements above.
    We don’t know what shape the earth is. We have two pictures of the earth, one known to be manipulated to get that view. Everything else is photoshopped. Then we have a million things that don’t add up. How can you see lighthouses over the curve of the earth? How can you take photos of places over the curve of the earth. (the light house thing is from govern-cement documented numbers) Why does it take over a year to sail around Antarctica, instead of only a month?

    The only conclusion that we can come to is, we do not know what shape the earth is. And NASA has been lying.

    Next, nuclear bombs.
    Atomic fission does not create the explosion. E=mc² doesn’t hold.
    However, you have to look into really weird, highly obfuscated and hidden areas of science to discover this.
    The Electric Universe model is far better at describing the universe and how it works than relativity. And under that, the nuclear bomb doesn’t exist. It is an electrical bomb. (of course, it still blows things up) And that difference changes everything. As in, you can create a field that will stop a “nuclear” bombs explosion.

    A similar thing can be said about gravity. “Gravity Doesn’t Exist” is what one out-there scientist stated because he wanted to be that in your face. Of course, there is a force holding you down on the ground, but it has nothing to do with mass, nor does it hold the solar system or galaxy together.

    This is a rabbit hole, and the people down this way seem more insane than Alex Jones.

    But, i want to ask you one thing. And you can only choose one.

    Who do you believe in?
    * Albert Einstein
    * Nikola Tesla

      • That doesn’t make any sense to me.

        Mr. Musk is only allowed to do space rocketry because he is in on it.
        Everyone else is either pushing daisies or has sworn off rocketry.

        Further, i never said we live on a “flat earth”, i said we do not know what the shape of the earth is. Either light doesn’t travel in a straight line, or the earth is not the size/shape that we are told. Light houses and infrared photography have shown that you can see over the “horizon”.

        And there are all kinds of other problems with the ball earth model. Go find them out for yourself.

        My current ideas are that we live inside a toroid-like enclosure.
        And/or we live in a 3D flat plane that is folded up inside higher dimensions.

        You may ask, of all the kinds of satellites that we could build, why have we never built one that streams views of earth 24/7? It is not mathematically hard to get that kind of orbit… as long as we use the “modern materialistic science” view of how satellites work. But we have nothing like that. Why?

        • It is clear that facts don’t make sense to you. For fuck sake how do people like you not end up killing yourself by not believing in say electricity or bullets of some shit.

        • 24/7 camera views of earth? Here you go:

          You can watch it as long as you’d like to try to catch it being “faked”.

          Seeing light over the horizon? Light can get refracted via air temperature layers near the surface. But you eventually get to where that no longer happens and you do indeed loose sight of something over the curvature of the earth.

          I’m all for questioning the “status quo”, and don’t trust government. But sometimes, what is taught really is the truth. There’s absolutely no reason to “fake it”. Nothing gained from the fake.

        • I used to have the patience as you do now Farmboy05 to answer retards like this, I no longer do. Talking to them is like playing chess with a pigeon, they demand proof, you provide it and they just keep talking like a man with a paper asshole. Just like the pigeon all they do is shit on the board and strut around convinced they have won.

          It amazes me in all honesty as I said that these people do not end up killing themselves though their own inept stupidity.

    • Heck, I still use my copy of 1960s/1970s photoshop to make stunningly realistic scenes today.

    • Thanks for demonstrating how to spout bullshit while still sounding intelligent when doing so.

      Also I don’t believe in any man, living or dead, period.

      • First they ridicule you
        Then they fight you
        Then you win.

        However, it is really tiring when people say, “that evidence doesn’t exist”

        As in, even if that experiment shows you can go faster than the speed of light, that doesn’t mean that the Theory of Relativity is bunk.

        In the future, you will probably beg me to be on your show to talk about how i destroyed the Laws of Thermodynamics. So, i am just planting seeds now, so that we might have a conversation then.

    • Just for clarity of all who come later to read this. (and since i got a non-answer answer)

      Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is the insanity you have to go to continue with the “Aether doesn’t exist model” of “modern materialistic science”.

      Fortunately, every one of the things that are said to support the Theory of Relativity have been one-upped or disproven. Such as, there is a bench top experiment that you can do that produces a force that reaches the other end of the bench faster than the speed of light.

      Tesla worked with the aether model, and thus created things that all the scientists today cannot duplicate. So much so, that the scientists have called him a fraud.

      However, if we go back in time, and start going down the aether model / electric universe model path, we find that all the things Tesla did are actually quite easy.

      In order to go forward in science, we will have to wipe out the last hundred years of science, go back and start down a path that has not been disproven.

      In other words, who do you believe in?
      – Albert Einstein
      – Nikola Tesla

    • Builder of Castles,

      Since you don’t have a picture of Antarctica, how do you know it can be sailed “around?”

      Since you haven’t presented us a video of you personally sailing “around” Antarctica why would we believe you on how long it takes?

      Even if you showed us said video, then it’s probably photoshopped.

      The only conclusion that we can come to is, we do not know what shape Antarctica is. And you have been lying.

      • If I were single I would marry this comment as that is how much I love it.