Episode-2837- Topic Round Table for 3-8-21 — 3 Comments

  1. Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ should not be based on “pure faith”(some would suggest this means blind faith) if you are a student of the Bible and history. For example, we don’t have first hand knowledge that Tiberius Caesar existed, but there is evidence that suggests he did. The same kind of evidence strongly supports the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

    Examining the evidence has led many non-believers to a relationship with Christ. I challenge anyone who hasn’t researched the Truth on their own to read the book Cold Case Christianity. If not that, do a web search for Frank Turek and watch some of his videos.

    We have tried to force God out of everything for the last 60+ years and look where where we are now. We are living Romans 1. When you ask God to move out, Marx and his loons will gladly move in.

    • I’m sorry but there is no evidence, the bible is not evidence. It is also written such that we are always “living it” like almost all holy books. Faith is faith and knowledge is knowledge. Every belief in God, even my own is faith. Any sane person that understands the word is an agnostic when it comes to god, no matter what they believe.

  2. Hey Jack, excellent show as always. You mentioned a hardware wallet and I noticed exodus provide a Trezor hardware wallet, is this what you use? Do you plan on doing a review of hardware wallets in the future?