Episode-2845- Topic Round Table for 3-29-21 — 5 Comments

  1. Re Transplanting from a hydroponic seed start: I use biodegradable cotton bags a.k.a. “Muslin” bags. I stuff them with potting mix and insert the seedlings. Then treat the bags like tiny wicking beds, placing the bags in 1020 trays with an inch or less of hydro nutrients. I let the plant establish for a few days to a week or more. Then transplant the whole bag into the ground. The bags degrade pretty quickly in another week or so and the plant go about their business. No plastic and far less root shock. Here’s a link to what I’m using currently…

  2. With regards to the right time to buy a house .. me personally .. I am looking for a foreclosure so I am patiently waiting for the federal moratorium on foreclosures to be lifted.

    I also think that a large influx of foreclosures could push down the overall market — maybe — so many outcomes are possible.

    So to that end — even though I am looking for a foreclosure — if something pops up that checks all my boxes — I would buy, I am just being patient.

    • Hi Tom,

      My wife and I flip houses on the side, and we found that networking with investor savvy realtors and so called “bird-dogs” is a great way to get a jump on properties, often before they hit the MLS. Check your are for real estate investor groups/clubs and attend some meetings.

      They have meetings sponsored by various “gurus” trying to sell their latest scammy classes on how to get rich in real estate. Don’t buy into that piece, but use the opportunity to network with the sharky realtors that attend these types of events. Same for the bird-dogs, these are people/companies constantly searching for below market deals, for a fee you’d pay if/when you pull the trigger on a lead they find for you.

      Print up some business cards and basically pretend to be an investor/flipper looking for deals. Believe me, as long as they get paid, no one will care if you only ever “invest” in one property. 😉