Episode-2827- Topic Round Table for 2-22-21 — 5 Comments

  1. I have several windmills on my property and noticed them shutting down in wind this time, unlike previous ice storms where they continued to run. We were careful of the ice that periodically came off in the first storms of the year.

  2. On the raised beds segment along with cedar I would avoid black walnut. That jugalone is bad stuff. I would also recommend using rotting logs for the project if you have access to them on your property or from your neighbors. It will build soil a lot faster and they have really no other use.

    • Depends if you mean as mulch yea you are right. If you mean don’t build the beds with walnut timber, other than it being too valuable to do so I totally disagree. Walnut timber produces almost no jugalone at all. It comes from the leaves and mostly the nut husks.

  3. I am switching to Presearch. I am curious as to how Presearch makes money for itself to survive as a company? Same question for duck-duck-go.

  4. I have not listened to the podcast yet so sorry if this is redundant… =)

    To UPGRADE your VF from v.1 to v.2
    – Add a second tank as detailed in Jack’s v.2 video
    – take your overflow pipes for each tray and drill a SMALL hole in each one at the height you want the water to be AFTER the flood and drain is OVER

    What this does:
    The system pumps the water, from the top, into the trays. The hole is small enough that the pump will outpace it (fill faster than it drains) until it hits the overflow height (top of pipe). When the pump STOPS, the tray will drain down to the level of the SMALL hole.

    There’s a possibility of the SMALL hole (or holes, your choice) getting plugged so keep the debris away.

    Experiment with the SMALL hole size (start small and work up) to match your pumps performance to the drain rate you want.

    P.S. I haven’t tested this against Jack’s v.2 method as far as growth performance…the drain is SLOWER, and you do have to run the pump longer as you’re cascade flooding the trays