Topic Round Table for 12-20-21 – Epi-3005 — 6 Comments

  1. My mother is 91 and I buy all her groceries and do all her shopping. She is a believer in the vaccines. I do just about everything that she has a hard time doing, it feels like my responsibility. Given that, it’s hard for me to think how could I easily leave Massachusetts. Is NH really going to be 100% better? Most of the few friends that I have live in Massachusetts also

    I have a camp in Maine also but it’s not very good for winter The way it’s set up.

    I have thought about West Virginia which is the closest red state. Two farmer friends of mine both have small farms agree with me that things look bad but they said they are staying and no one that I know thinks West Virginia is a great idea

    • Maine north/west of Bangor and up into the county or anywhere in NH that isn’t a tourist town will be better than Mass. I live in the north Penobscot valley area of Maine and recently went to MA to visit family and was shocked how crazy it was to see every single person masked. While where I am, I haven’t worn one since the mandate was lifted in May (outside of some random store that I might be pursuaded to go to by the wife). Even then, some of the stores where I work in Lincoln put the signs up but never said a word to anyone without a mask. And these new variants don’t seem to make a difference. My employer has never required me to wear a mask and won’t mandate a vaccine because they know regardless of their opinion, they would go bankrupt.

      What town is your camp in?

  2. Hi Jack,

    Thanks for all you do!

    One thing no one seems to be talking about RE: the lack of people working at JOBs…

    This country has lost over 175,000 (CDC numbers…) due to overdose in the last two years.

    I’m a carpenter, every crew I meet and ask has lost 1-2 folks either due to overdose or to disability associated with the overdose/opioid epidemic/addiction to meds that were not supposed to be addictive.

    How many of those 176,000 lost in the last two years would be filling many of these open spots? I suggest the loss of so many in this manner/socio-economic sphere/ is playing as much (if not more) of a roll than many other hypotheses.

    In addition, I don’t see the situation getting any better any time soon, I think we are heading in a new direction IRT work/life balance/JOBs but I could be wrong!



  3. If there are only 3 cashiers working 3 checkouts in a shop, and there is a queue of a half hour waiting to be served.

    Then imagine if there was a system whereby some of the people in the queue could ‘Swop Sides’ throw on a Hi-Vis or badge and help out at the forth till for a half hour, then get a discount on their own shopping bill.

  4. After hearing about the proposed bill for New York etc.
    Then what about the prospect of moving to a free country like rural Russia.

    Houses & land is cheap.
    Taxes are low.
    Processed Wood is cheap.
    Hunting meat is popular, everyone has an AK.
    Cars & trucks are simpler & much easier to service & repair.
    Petrol & diesel & gas are cheaper.
    Wood is free, if you cut it down yourself.
    The government mostly stays out of your life, especially the further north you go.

    Although wages are lower than in America, however if you are a DiY resourceful person then you can offset this because you wont need to buy as much stuff at shops.

    The country is well defended from foreign imperial invaders/looters.

  5. Hey Jack, you mentioned a pdf of transcripts for Bill Mollison lectures. Were you able to locate this ? Thanks for what you do!