Topic Roundtable for 12-6-21 – Epi – 2995 — 3 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, moving south is completely out of the question. In order to convince my wife to leave family, there would need to be writing on the wall indicating Maine will turn into the middle east.

    Fortunately being a mechanic- I’ll work on anything from a prius to a 30 ton excavator- I can go anywhere. Also, Maine has real potential to flip towards being more like NH if enough folks focused on a goal around here.(I’ve also lived in NH and went to high school in Manchester- not exactly liberty central). About half-two thirds the state (its bigger than you think) is either logging/farm towns or hundreds of square miles of just dense forest. LePage is probably getting re-elected and he’s spoken about getting rid of the state income tax, but I’m cautious of hoping too much. Just driving into the next county all the way north- the difference in the people/land prices/businesses is astronomical.

    There are soooooo many dead beat former paper-mill towns in rural areas that could be thriving again with micro hydro remote bitcoin mining and micro industry. I know you’re thinking on a macro scale for pushing liberty on a state-wide level, but what if you have micro communities forming a parallel economy that renders the state useless from underneath (Amish…people up here pretty much let them be, And again like you’ve been saying- religious exemption tends to hold precedent).

    I don’t know, I’ll go crazy trying to find the best decision- right now, thats probably buying land at $1000/acre and building a small house.

  2. Jack I followed your advice and got setup on several of the DEXs you recommended. How do you access the blockchain directly with your seed phrases if for some reason one of the exchanges went down?

    • He who holds the keys holds the coins. You’d use either your public and private keys or seed phrase to restore your wallet on another platform/software, etc.

      Exactly how you’d sweep your crypto say from Coinomi to Exodus. No different. Now I am speaking for polarity, no one else.

      That said, DON’T do it anyway, do not HODL on any exchange not even a DEX. Trade and MOVE to your own wallet.

      Would I feel safe HODLing on Polarity, yes, is there any good reason to not HODL on my own none.