Episode-2774- Topic Round Table for 11-16-20 — 3 Comments

  1. Overdue for a jim Croce week. Tomorrow’s gonna be a brighter day is a positive Segway. Thanks for the show jack, the reset show was really on point too.

  2. I know there is no one-size-fits-all for EDC knives, but wanted to share a product I’m very happy with. The Leatherman Skeletool line is not your grandfathers bulky leatherman with 30+ tools. I work in a facility that prohibits “weapons”, but makes exception for basic tools. The Skeletool seems like a good balance between multi-tool & something that could be used in a emergency / defense situation (better than nothing anyway…)

    * The blade is accessible without folding open the pliers.
    * Only the basic tools (knife, bottle opener, screwdriver, pliers).
    * Lower profile than normal multi-tools
    * lifetime guarantee

  3. Just thought I’d throw this out there for the bacon grease savers. I strain mine off and pour it into silicon molds (I use the cool star wars storm trooper molds). Once the grease cools down to room temp I pop the molds into the freezer and once the grease is solidified I put the storm trooper heads into a plastic baggie which I keep in the freezer. Convenient way to store the grease in about a 1 TBSP portion. I grab them out of the freezer whenever we want to fry and egg or whatever and just throw them in the pan. They melt as the pan comes to temp.