Episode-2755- Topic Round Table 10-19-20 — 29 Comments

  1. “the CoVid hysteria is about to be ramped up and why you should mostly ignore it”

    and when they make the “vaccine” mandatory?

      • “when they make the ‘vaccine’ mandatory?”

        “won’t happen – at least not yet”

        appears to be coming up real soon.

        • There will be no mandatory vaccine the way you infer it here.

          It will be pushed by insurance providers, schools and employers, JUST LIKE THE FLU SHOT.

          If you think anyone is going to be drug from their home and given a shot against their will, you are even dumber then I thought you were. Which is pretty fuckin dumb by the way.

        • “It will be pushed by insurance providers, schools and employers”

          “pushed” soft-pedals it. more like upgraded to “required to participate”. so maybe it’s not mandatory as in “get the shot or die” but you’ll be dismissed from your job as a health risk, won’t be able to get insurance and thus won’t be able to drive, etc.

        • I won’t get it, I won’t be forced to and hence for me it will not be mandatory.

        • there is no way to enforce it and to get through the courts there would have to be exceptions a mile wide. not too mention the states that will try — ie. NY, CA — will just push more people out to other states that will not.

  2. Jack did a great job of discussing how to correct a GFCI deficiency, but is that the total problem. There is a chance that the freezer circuits are breaking down and current is leaking to the ground or elsewhere. This is what a GFCI is designed to stop, whatever current is running through the hot lead should equal what goes through the neutral lead, if not, the limit is 4 to 6 milliamps, the circuit trips. Could be a fault in the GFCI, but it could be a freezer problem as well, and that is assuming that there is nothing else on the circuit. Just my two cents worth.

    Thank you,

    • “This is what a GFCI is designed to stop”

      indeed. but some people, if they don’t see the problem personally for themselves, think any indication of a problem is just oppressive noise to be suppressed. this attitude is enough of an issue that in nuclear power school we were formally taught, “believe your instruments!”, because so many nuclear incidents are based on someone seeing a failure indication but disregarding it.

      • Except this is a FREEZER which hits a surge when it kicks in and really should just not be on a GFIC circuit in the first place.

        Items like this CONSTANTLY trip GFICs, CONSTANTLY always have an for the foreseeable future always will.

        You can’t show me a single person running a freezer or refrigerator on a GFIC without this problem. Not one.

  3. Holy crap, WTF is with the constant annoying howling noise in the background. It sounds like Jack is vacuuming the house while he’s doing the podcast. Horrendously distracting!

  4. Jack, A couple of things if I may. While I agree with you on the effects our votes may have on the national level my biggest concern is who we have on the local level, they can have a huge impact pertaining to zoning, property taxes and such.
    Remember the Sheriff is hired and fired by the ballot.
    Now as to lactose intolerant, some of your followers may not be aware but goats milk (and products)can be sometimes tolerated.
    Appreciate your good work.
    Best regards, Jerry KI5JDS

    • We call this the special pleading fallacy also known as the bargaining phase of the 5 stages of grief.

      The impact of local government is big, my impact on it by voting is 100% meaningless. Why? Math!

      Show me where your vote would have changed any election in your area, any single one? Any of the special cases you pointed to above. For me my county sheriff, state rep, state senator, etc. will all take between 75-88% of the vote every year.

      Despite what constutitards keep saying we do live in a democracy, a republic is just a form or democracy in our instance and we live with MOB rule. The mob has spoken and hence I have voted by choosing an area where the mob is more in line with my life than opposed to it.

      Here I wrote this in 2014, yea 2014, you tell me anything that has meaningfully changed since then. Go ahead,

      • “Show me where you vote would have changed any election in your area, any single one?”

        voting is about group decisions, not individual decisions. sure it’s hard to find an example of any single individual vote deciding an outcome (though there are some), so for an isolationist singleton libertarian/anarchist that means voting is meaningless to them and thus voting as such is absolutely meaningless. meanwhile the society around them forges ahead without them.

  5. My mom has a similar issue with her freezer as was discussed in this podcast. She has two chest type deep freezers in her garage, which are powered by a GFI circuit. She has actually lost food because the GFI tripped and she didn’t know it. What she’s done is put one of those home night lights that is always on in another outlet next to the freezers (protected by the same GFI), so that when the GFI trips, the light goes out. Then she checks her freezer power any time she leaves the house or comes home. Couple of bucks for her to be able to check her freezer power.

  6. As an electrician, no need to run a new circuit, If the load side wires are put on the line side of a GFCI it will not protect downstream but will still protect that location. If the freezer is the end of the circuit, you’re done. If not, the next receptacle will need to be changed out to a GFCI. < 100.00 in parts and an hour service call. And yes GFCI’s do wear out and start popping more and more.

    • Totally valid but in my experience with modern homes unlikely. The garage is 99% of the time it seems at the end of a circuit that includes the closet bathroom to it.

  7. Spread alternative if the listener were from the PNW. Salmon. Smoked salmon, smashed up salmon and mayo, pepper, mustard and salmon.

    It’s good on salad, good on carbs, it is just good and abundant.

  8. Hence moving the wires between the bathroom and garage from the load side to the line side in the bathroom receptacle. You could twist the hot to hot and N to N with a pigtail on each to feed the bath GFCI and accomplish the same thing. You are just un-protecting the downstream side by not tapping into the load side of that GFCI. This is not a trick or a hack it’s just normal practice. Technically the freezer should be on a single not a duplex Recpt and again don’t forget to protect the downstream side of the circuit if necessary.

  9. Failed Circuit Alarm. Saved my freezer a number of times. Very annoying to hear, no chance of going unnoticed!

    The problem with the text message power outage alerts is often there is a good probability the Internet went down too. I do have equipment which will alert me, and it is comical to get the notice once the power turns back on.

  10. The assumption that people are mostly rational is one of the biggest misconceptions EVER… as either individuals or groups (though ESPECIALLY in groups). The average person is “rationalizing” as opposed to “rational”, and operates most of the time on belief, habit, & emotion. And for many, we can add to those the various opinions assigned to them by their news outlet or pundit of choice.

    One of the tests I have for testing the level of partisanship is to ask them for 3 positive attributes possessed or decisions made by their political opposition. Shouldn’t be THAT hard… yet in my experience, less than half are either able or willing to do so. It’s one of the reasons I’ve been paying attention to Vin Armani’s assertions that were now entering “The Dim Age” or “Age of Magic”. It’s totally at odds with the way I like to approach things, but if the majority will be operating along those lines then it’s worth trying to understand how it works.

    • “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” -G. Michael Hopf

  11. the guy with the GFI problem in his garage, maybe a different way to approach this would be why not put a serious dehumidifier in the garage and let it run keep the place nice dry and crisp and maybe your gfi’s will never trip again

    • If it was the problem that would be a good solution but I know from years of experience, surge loads and GFICs do not play together well. Ask anyone with a 2 speed pump on a swimming pool.