Learn How to Build a Rocket Oven – 2.5 Hours of Video for 10 Measly Bucks! — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jack. I’d like to purchase the rocket oven dvd, but I don’t have paypal. In fact, I just cancelled my paypal account. I clicked on the “pay by credit or debit” link and it still takes me to a page to open a paypal account using my credit card. Can I pay using a M.O or cashier’s check? Thanks!

    • Hi Jack,

      Me have same prollem. I won’t use paypud, ever, for a variety of excellent reasons. Does Paul take crypto or traditional payment, do you know?

      Do you think this is something that all small businesses in this space ought to consider (losing customers because of pp)?


    • Permies lets you check out with your cc, even without a paypal account. Paypal, however, sometimes doesn’t let users pay without a paypal account, due to many reasons. Sometimes, people try a different card, a different browser or device, or a different location, and are able to pay via paypal without an account. Paul has a lot to say about this over in the permies forums, including ways to pay with crypto and other stuff.

  2. Hi Mark, yes, there is a downloadable version available. I answered your question more fully over at the Ovens thread on permies, but I can’t link it here due to Jack’s spam filter. You can follow the links in his post to see the full info.

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