Episode-2908- Suzanne Roberts on Systemic Control and Breaking Free — 34 Comments

  1. Great show. She mentioned a book about the origins of the AMA, but not the Title or Author. Anyone know.

    • The book is titled Divided Legacy: The Conflict Between Homoeopathy and the American Medical Association, by Harris L. Coulter. It’s the 3rd volume in a series. I haven’t read the others, but this one is quite informational.

      • Do you have any suggestions on getting ahold of this or the other books in the series? It is quite expensive on Amazon and my local library or used book stores do not have any copies.

        • I also shop at I’m finding that “real” books are getting difficult to source and in general are very expensive. Sad commentary on the state of the world. Good luck.

  2. Hi suzanne

    I was looking for some information on your group on the net. I could not find anything. I am located in Morgan Hill.

  3. Hi Suzanne, can you speak more on curing your asthma naturally? I’m sure the solution is tailored to the individual, but it is something I’d like to know more about.

    A few years back, I started using a natural remedy instead of the prescription controller medicine. It works great, but it’s not a cure.


    • I was working with a Naturopath to cure a different issue and something in the large variety of supplements I took got me over the hump of needing chronic asthma meds. I’m not 100% cured, but I use an inhaler only a few times a year in key situations (like around cats). So I cannot speak to specifically what treatment worked since it was a beneficial side effect. I do know some asthma is caused by heavy metals so you might want to look into chelation. I recommend the Cutler protocol as it’s very strict and you are less likely to harm yourself during the metal removal process than using other protocols. The book Mercury Poisoning by David Hammond is a good place to start. Beyond that work on reducing inflammation is always helpful. Homeopathy is also an excellent way to heal chronic issues. Good luck.

  4. Are there other podcast interviews that Suzanne appears on? Very well done and enjoyable interview.

  5. Are there other podcast interviews that Suzanne appears on? Very well done and enjoyable interview. Thank you.

  6. Hi Suzanne,
    Were you able to set up a self directed IRA for lending to family members bc they are distance members? It seems e we couldn’t lend to our children using self directed IRA. I’m wondering if they formed an LLC if that would allow lending to them (thru LLC)
    Thank you, great show!

    • The rules for who you can lend to do seem odd. Sibilings are ok but parents/children are not. I don’t believe an LLC will get around that but there are a variety of LLC companies that can offer more insight into that matter. Good luck.

  7. There was a lawyer podcast mentioned that went over Desantis vaccine bill. What was the name of that podcast, I didn’t catch it. Thank you

    • The Quash is the podcast. I highly recommend it. He boils down our legal system into such simple facts that you don’t know how you never saw it. But we can’t see it because we don’t know the built in assumptions and we don’t all speak legalese.

  8. I am Robert Cameron, an early co-founder of Marin Freedom Rising. Reach me at Our website is We offer a range of activities to resist medical tyranny and establish a free community in the face of the Bay Area madness. I am the resident Prepping and Strategy instructor with ongoing events and courses in Novato. You may benefit from checking out our group online or connecting with us. We have gatherings alternate Thursdays at InnMarin in Novato, have 400 members and affiliate with ICAN and Children’s Health Defense. I can catch you up on our benefits and activities if you are interested. I find my thinking parallels what you said in the last Survival Podcast interview.

  9. Hi Suzanne,
    Can you please tell me more about how you were able to lend money thru Roth IRA to family members? I’d love to do the same. Thank you, Denise

    • Set up a self-directed IRA at a custodian (Forge Trust and Pensco are two that I’ve used). It is really a wonderful way to get beyond the Stocks, Bonds and Money Market limitation of conventional IRAs/401k’s.

  10. Regarding the money multiplier, I believe that Suzanne was closer to correct. Starting with 1 unit of money then lending 90% (or 0.9) to the next bank then the 2nd bank loaning 90% of 90% or 81%(0.81), and so on you have the pattern that is described by the geometric series equation(, and in this case the sum approaches 10x the original amount. In the scenario where you can loan 100% to the bank #2 and they can loan 100% to bank #3 and so on why does it terminate at 10x?

    • So that really is not the issue as to what Suzanne and I disagreed about. There are two contentions you may be thinking of.

      First it sounds like if you put 100 in a bank you are saying the bank can lend 90, I assure you that this is wrong. Now there are tons of “tell you the truth” resources that get this wrong and say it is 90 dollars. They are wrong, all you need do is understand the system to see why.

      The bank does not lend out money, it creates money with the only check being a 10% reserve requirement. Since they do not need to actually lend money, all deposits (based on a daily average) qualify as reserves. That is that and if you read a Fed publication say “Modern Money Mechanics” you will see that clearly.

      The other place you may be referring to is the debt owed by the first borrower. She said something akin to you borrowed 400K and then get a bill for 4 million to be paid at once or you get evicted. IDK where that came from but it is not how lending works.

      • I thought the FED removed the reserve requirement completely or was that a cash reserve requirement they lifted?

        • Coming out of the 08-09 crisis in around 11-12 it was discussed and proposed but was not actually done.

      • For the $400K mortgage turning into $4mil I was referring to a Canadian analyst who stated in his research that Canadians were being held accountable for the full amount. I don’t believe it’s as straight forward as here’s a bill, but after the 2008 meltdown, people in good standing were being foreclosed and I suspect it’s a similar shenanigan. It’s not my area of expertise but I do keep hearing similar patterns, and it’s the pattern recognition that makes me perk up and try to form a meaning behind the pattern. Of course finding meaning in some of this is a fools game. So I’m just going to leave it at, they hold all the good cards when you play their game, so stop playing their game…easier said than done. 🙂

        link to the Canadian analyst podcast. He starts out pretty disjointed but it clears up near the middle: I think you need to join the summit first, get a login and then you can watch the video.

  11. Suzanne mentioned a Healthshare she participates in. Anyone catch the name? My husband just lost his job today and we need new options. Thanks!

  12. Ok, I see the difference you are making out the banks lending vs creating the money, but the 10% reserve requirement is going to create the 10x from for the same reason I stated above then 1 + 0.9 + 0.81 + 0.729… is approaching 10x because only 90% of the new money would be “passed on” for the next bank to create. The example on page 4 of MMT ( of 20% reserve requirement approaches 5x which is the results from the geometric series equation (1-r^n)/(1-r) where r=reserve percent as a decimal and n is the number of banks in the chain.

      • Agreed, the borrower is not on the hook for 10x. Even at interest rates of the 1980s a loan never reached 10x over 30 years, which is different from the money multiplier. If the mortgage papers are anything like they are in the US you know the total cost of the loan assuming the regular payments, and only have a contractual obligation to the principal & interest.

        • right — I think this was the misunderstanding – but without listening to the podcast she references I can not speak to it other than to say it sounds completely unreasonable that anyone would borrow money in a system where they would be on the hook for 10x the amount.

          The only thing that comes to mind – is if perhaps it had something to do with tax dollars bailing out banks – so it was the “tax payer” on the hook for the 10x amount — which is a stretch at best.

  13. Very interesting show, thanks for giving the interview! Do you have a list of resources you could share? Books, podcasts, youtube/odysee channels, etc.?

    Some I wrote down already (from the show and your comments here) and am looking forward to learning from:
    Mercury Poisoning by David Hammond
    Divided Legacy: The Conflict Between Homoeopathy and the American Medical Association, by Harris L. Coulter
    Dancing Naked in the Mind Field by Kary Mullis

    Natural Freedom Leagues (youtube/odysee)
    The Quash (podcast)

    • I follow quite a few different podcasts and vlogs. Here’s a shortlist:
      Podcasts: The Survival Podcast (of course), The Quash (legal insights), News type podcasts – The Corbett Report, The Propaganda Report, Ron Paul Liberty Report, David Icke videos. For new and interesting looks at the world and seen and unseen things in it check out The Higherside Chats and Crrow777 Radio. Crrow777 is also excellent for learning about how the Law is enslaving us and what we can do about it (i.e. affidavits). These last two podcasts are hard to categorize as they cover many, many subjects, topics and speakers. For general entertainment/info about COVID and Crypto I love watching The Dollar Vigilante on Bitchute or Finally for medical science I like The Highwire.

      Books are many: John Taylor Gatto books on the education system (he has videos too, I think on the, David Icke has many books out that are easy to find. I’ve read so many books it’s difficult to narrow them down to a short list. If you have a specific topic I can make more concise recommendations.