Episode-1104- Pasha Roberts on the New Movie Silver Circle — 13 Comments

  1. I know I’m going to come off as Billy Bob from the Klan with this but I’m not so will take the heat. When its so important that three instances of interracial “passion” (though admittedly tame) must be crammed into a 1+ minute clip, ya gotta ask yourself, “Ok, what’s the agenda here”? Personally, interracial relationships (much like the gay agenda) are here to stay and I don’t get all bent out of shape by them. But, what does does chap my ass is the unending, eternal, ad naseum program to keep shoving those agendas up my nose and, in this, I think I’m far from alone. C’mon guys, tell us your story about silver, financial responsibility, oppressive government and such but is it really necessary to use everything as a platform to promote liberal interests. My apologies to anyone I offend with my opinion on this, its certainly neither my intent nor desire to do so.

      • I married a Colombian, she is a hotty and carrying my child. I am part of a very blessed interracial relationship.

  2. Given the subject matter of this movie, it would be nice if the TSP Mint would have been up and running.
    🙁 It seems they were caught a little flat footed…
    “Due to the overwhelming demand for our products and the inability of our vendors and suppliers to adequately meet the quantity and quality demands of our customers, we have decided to temporarily suspend all sales.”

    • Well that was my decision, AOCS was willing to keep taking orders but I put on the breaks (at significant personal expense) I might add to allow them to catch up and provide better customer service.

  3. Very interesting, and eager to see it. I love futuristic stuff. But one line you said challenged me…..”I’ve heard every conspiracy theory there is”…..but you haven’t heard mine, because I’ve only told a half dozen people. Get this: You know how the bees are disappearing with CCD? I lost three hives this year so gave it a lot of thought. My theory is that since Monanto, etc. has stored all those good seeds at the north pole, and they’ll need bees to pollinate them, how about using HAARP to create a bee collecting humm to attract them somewhere so they too can be stored. How about that one. lol lol Bet you haven’t heard it yet, right? Permission granted to use it in your next film. lol

    • Thanks Mysterion and Cranberryrose 55, but the bees didn’t die, they disappeared on July 16 or last year. The only dead bees in the boxes were the ones that hatched after the others left. I checked but not varroa, and I wouldn’t let the power company spray herbicides on my property….but I know there is plenty out there. Strange how the hives left the same day, don’t you think? Also, I don’t let people smoke on my place because of tobacco blight with my gardens. There’s got to be a definitive answer.

      • The nicotine based insectisides effect the ability of bees to find their way home. Think of it as alzheimers for bees– it creates a confusion for the bee’s ability to find their way home.

        Quote: Jerry Hayes, Chief, Apiary Section, Florida Dept. of Agriculture, Gainsville, Florida
        ” “The interesting thing about the Colony Collapse Disorder is that bees are leaving the colony and not coming back, which is highly unusual for a social insect to leave a queen and its brood or young behind. They are seemingly going out and can’t find their way back home.

        Imidachloprid, when it is used to control termites, does exactly the same thing. One of the methods it uses to kill termites is that the termites feed on this material and then go out to feed and can’t remember how to get home. And it also causes their immune systems to collapse..”

      • @Aayla, as Mysterion said they left and well when a bunch of sterile bees leave with no way to feed themselves the next step is death. Mysterions comments about nicotine based products and termite products are dead on. There are others problems as well but those are two big ones.

        Your description of they didn’t die they left is exactly what CCD is all about.

  4. I attended the Austin/Round Rock, TX showing of Silver Circle last night. Good film! Thanks, Jack, for introducing this film and its producer to your audience.