Episode-1645- Justin Rhodes on Modern Technology, Business and Permaculture — 22 Comments

  1. Justin,

    Not a cure, but really helpful with controlling some of the problems of Lyme’s disease. — 26 drops of Organic Oregano Oil in 2 oz. of either Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Organic Sesame Seed Oil. Rub 3 to 5 drops on the bottom of your feet every night before bed. I find Oregano Oil much easier to tolerate through my feet and hands than I do ingesting it. I will still take it orally to nip colds and flu in the bud. The stuff is amazing.

  2. Thanks Jack and Justin, I very much enjoyed this post and am forwarding it to family members who are interested in raising chickens. As always, great show with useful and interesting information. Blessings, Richard

  3. Lyme disease and autism share a similar pathology. I would highly recommend the book, “healing the symptoms known as autism,” by Kerri Rivera. Many of the parents in my autism parents support group are following the recommended protocols along with their children, and those who have Lyme are seeing big improvements.

    The book is for sale on Amazon, but you can download the free e-book from her website.

    • Thank you for the info. It might help heal some of the residual damage from the spirochete bacteria. It get’s into so many tissues including the joints, nerve centers, and brain.


    • Dr. Ruggiero is credited with the discovery of the role played by GcMAF as a fundamental aspect of the immune system. Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet attained spectacular success with response to autism using GcMAF before his untimely death.

      Dr. Gordon Petersen has a patented product which is a nano silver Ag4O4, that is able to cure malaria in 5 days when taken orally, and also can cure MRSA, something that antibiotics are powerless against. His product may be very powerful against Lyme’s disease as well.

  4. Lyme and autism share the same pathology? Gmafb. But I guess this is the Internet, so it must be true. My wife has dealt with chronic Lyme and I deal with austitic individuals on a daily basis. There is no similarities other than both are diagnosis. Bullshit soup of the day.

  5. Any advice on how to approach the buthering part with kids? I want them to know where their food comes from and be part of it. Currently have 2 & 3 y.o.

    • James,

      Your kids are still young, so I say just go for it (shouldn’t be a problem). I’ve had my kids along since they were in back backs. It’s just part of life around here. “everyday something dies so you can live”.

  6. Hey Justin, I really appreciate the free “candy” as Paul Wheaton likes to call it. One thing to note, the PDF on the Compost Corner appears to have a broken link to, I presume it is supposed to point to the article of the same name on

  7. Thanks for a great show Jack and Justin. I am trying to learn about marketing and this just jumpstarted my brain on how I should be thinking about things. I wish I knew about all this great stuff before I ran my Kickstarter campaign a few months ago.

    Jack, I am looking forward to you doing a show on selling as you mentioned in a show a few days ago.

  8. Jack, you’ve got some good things to say but your insistence on hewing to the Fox News, anti-science, global warming-denying agenda is perplexing. When they say that the science is “settled” they don’t mean that every element of knowledge has been obtained. They mean that the vast majority of reputable scientists have approximately the same opinion.

    That is the case with global warming, cigarettes increasing the risk of cancer, evolution, the age of the Earth (not 4,000 years), gravity and etc. You do science a disservice by saying, essentially, that because scientists (and the media) have not been 100% accurate in their claims then somehow we should dismiss the scientific method? Your argument is fallacious.

    You ignore the vast majority of times that science has been correct. It’s not the scientific method that’s at fault — it’s the misinterpretation and politicization (and sensationalism) of data that’s the problem. Climate scientists use many types of data — not just the temperature records you slam.

    The huge amount of data that climate scientists are using far exceeds the little bit of “common sense” you try to use to discredit global warming and the very clear implication of our fossil fuels use (addiction, really) in global warming. Yes, Jack, the science is “settled” on global warming, although some details await clarification and modification (as with evolution, gravity, the germ theory and etc.). And global warming is one of the greatest threats permaculture faces. I agree on one thing.

    Follow the money. Look at the funding of the few global warming deniers and you will find the fossil fuels industry. Also, it’s ridiculous to compare science and religion. Religion has only about 1% basis in reality. The rest is “faith”. As Mark Twain said, “Faith is believin” what you know ain’t so.” Science is imperfect, but very little of science is based on “faith.” I’d rather fly in an airplane designed by educated engineers than one designed by priests and “faith.” Go ahead an insult me, if you’d like. But you talk about building community. You don’t build community by insulting anyone who disagrees with you on something.

    • First I don’t use Fox News to make my points about global warming, I use SCIENCE like CO2s saturation limit something we have known about for over 100 years as a scientific fact. OR THE FACT that the theory of CO2 based warming isn’t based on CO2 but instead a theory that increased CO2 causes a rise in relative humidity that doesn’t show up when we measure it.

      Or the science from the highly anti science group called NASA said that the numbers from the climate models do not work when they use satellites to measure the heat in and heat out. Or that scientists are loyal to their funding sources today which is another scientific reality from the world of psychology.

      This belief is just that a belief based on faith created with propaganda. I have looked at this issue deeply and I actually changed my view on it when I did, yep in the beginning I was a republican that thought AGW was real, I am now an anarchist that thinks it isn’t or at least is not the massive threat it is claimed to be.

      That means flatly that MY BELIEF IS NOT POLITICALLY BASED but based on a solid review and understanding of the facts. I really recommend you watch this video, though I know you won’t or just say something like, “its been debunked” which is bullshit, saying something wrong does not debunk it, proving it does.

      Let me point something out to you a few things really.

      1. A lot of people in permaculture think they are “fighting global warming”. The truth is most of what we do in Permaculture would not do the square root of fuck all to fight global warming even if AGW believers were 100% right.

      2. All the talk of curbing fossil fuel use is just that TALK, it is NOT going to happen at least not for decades. All they want to do is make a new currency called carbon credits to restart the casino.

      3. I DO ALL THE THINGS YOU TRUE believers want me to, ALL OF IT in action and deed, I just say what you consider the wrong words. My friend there could not be a more accurate description of religion then that. The truth is I likely do far more to positively impact the environment then most people that just go on and on about AGW without even knowing the ACTUAL theory.

      4. If tomorrow morning I were to find out that I was wrong I WOULD NOT DO ONE THING DIFFERENTLY except I would say well I was wrong but my actions would not change. I think many in permaculture if they were totally prove wrong would frankly quit doing permaculture. Again, that is about faith not doing what is right simply because it is right.

      Again this is a religion and again one I BELIEVED IN before I did independent research. Exactly how I believed that GMOs were safe, researched that and determined that the SCIENCE LIES ABOUT GMO. Now what do you think about GMO? I bet you oppose GMO right? But the scientists say it is safe? So why doubt that science on GMO? Or another way to say it, if science can LIE about one thing, may it not lie about others?

  9. Anyways….

    Excellent podcast. Awesome story. Fantastic info. I’ve listened to it twice and still taking notes. Love the TSP goodies.

    Thank you both.

  10. Hey Justin & Jack,

    I am late replying here as I already had the video from the kickstarter so I left this episode until later. Wow, was I surprised at how good of an episode it was. Best business podcast done IMO since 5 min with Jack. Great info and like David ^ I went back to listen to have a look at the tools used for automation (Active Campaign, Evergreen etc). I use some basic ones currently, but this took it to the next level and also described how to use the tools. This can be applied to my farm business and so much more. Really great episode guys. For those interested, the 4 hour Work Week is on youtube as well as an audio bookish thing (