Episode-1713- Rex Tibor of Rex Reviews on Long Range Shooting — 11 Comments

  1. I’m a long time fan of Rex and have learned a great deal from his Long Range Shooting videos. So glad to see him here!

  2. About a year ago I watched every episode of Sniper 101,
    Thank you Tibor.
    I shot iron sights for fifty years, still working on getting used to optics. I have some engineering education so it was totally understood.

  3. Wow Jack, Awesome show and guest. Would love to see more shows with this type of technical shooting content.

  4. Matthew Tibor’s videos are dangerous!!! So far they have cost me thousands of dollars for a precision rifle build, optics, kestrel, better GPS, log book, chrono, shooting mat and loading supplies. But seriously, his info is spot on and has increased my effective range on deer by about 500 yards. Hey Rex, when are you going to come shoot with Shane in KY?

  5. Regarding Jack’s unhappy reaction to George Washington’s favorite play… I was unhappy too. I brought it up because the play was critical to American history. It had a lot of influence and while I do not like how some aspects of that play relate to the American Indians, and to citizens in general, I refuse to look away.

    One may not like the idea of “noblesse oblige,” (the idea that the nobles have an obligation to the peasants including forcing the peasants to the yoke of the law for their own good) but those were the times. The idea of Manifest Destiny grows out of this attitude. If Americans of the time didn’t have this attitude then modern America would be the greatest 13 states on the planet… not 50.

    As always… it is Jack’s show. I was perfectly happy with Jack expressing his unhappiness regarding the play and the quote. Please don’t think otherwise.

    Alex Shrugged

    • While unhappy with it, I am not unhappy that it was included. It helped me understand a lot of things that constantly come up with what I call “founder worship”.

      While I find myself still believing that the founders were better men then we have today in DC, I am never really sure of that. And you are absolutely correct that one can not look at this and not see the parallels to the treatment of native peoples, slaves, persecuted minorities, etc.

      Just so anyone reading can understand, my unhappiness is more about the meaning of the truth here than the fact that it was part of our segment. I was very grateful to Alex for including it vs. the rah rah crap told to our children about history. Where everyone is clearly a white hat or a black hat and in the end the good guy wins all the time.

    • The Founders were certainly better men because they had oaths and a duty that they took seriously. They pledged to follow their principles wherever that led them. That took real courage and I think this play “Cato, a Tragedy” went a long way in giving them that courage. So did Reverend George Whitfield.

      We are occasionally embarrassed by our fathers but they made us what we are today. As long as I can explain what they were doing based on their principles and in their context then I can figure out what I am supposed to be doing today using those same principles in a modern context. (FYI… that is how the Bible works, too: ancient principles applied in a modern context.)

      And just to be clear, I think the principle we should take from the quote from the play is that the rule of law applies to all, rich or poor, well-cultured or “barbarian”. We don’t have to like a law and we have ways to change a law but the rule of law is required to build a society. The American Indians who worked through the English courts (the ‘scolding houses’ as they called them) survived. Those that made war (however justified at times) were wiped out by superior technology.

      I am grateful for Professor CJ’s “Dangerous History” podcast for pointing me in the right direction. I didn’t always like what I heard, but I looked for the evidence myself and I refused to look away.

      Alex Shrugged

  6. I almost didn’t listen to this episode, but I’m so glad I did! I’m a hunter, but don’t do a lot of recreational/target shooting. Didn’t think I’d get much outta this – man was I wrong. Great show and great guest!

  7. Thanks for the show Jack & Matt. Loved it. I appreciate all both of you fellas do. SFWA 10x is good to go for sure. Huge value for an optic. I’ve had one for a couple years. Thanks for the tip, Matt!