Episode-1531- From Revolution to Insurrection — 37 Comments

  1. Awesome show. I feel like a celebrity, now. Definitely on-board with most of what you said. The BUTs I can address on my own.

    Thanks for all the effort putting the show together with a struggling voice.

    • I as well and know my home is always open to you and your awesome woman, and heck I guess you can bring the old man too.

  2. This is a podcast that every person should hear. Myself I am listening to it again there is such an enormous amount of information that connects in so many ways and on so many levels. Jack, this has been forming in your head for years.

    I feel overwhelmed right now, but I am really glad you spit it all out while it was so fresh in your mind. I’m sure I will have to listen to this several times to make the connections mine but I know it’s important enough to warrant that kind of attention.

  3. This resonated with me to the point where I was in tears and wanted to punch things. I shall break my chains. Your words are empowering, enlightening, and inspiring. Thanks Jack!

  4. This show was hard to do on a strained voice but I want you guys to know (Joe T, Jose and Evelyn) that your comments made it worth while even if every other of the 100,000+ listeners turned it off and didn’t like it.

    Thank you and may you know peace in your lives at all times.

  5. Jack,
    Thanks. I get discouraged by the state of things and honestly don’t listen to your podcasts as consistently as I used to, but when I come back to check in, your consistent prodding gets me back in the right mindset. Sometimes I need that. This one really hit home with me and got me back where I feel I need to be headed. Do something, whether it works of fails. If it works, share your successes with like-minded people. If it doesn’t work, figure out why and adapt. Like you mentioned, stay engaged and figure it out.
    Thanks again Jack for all you do.

  6. Koch Brothers… Good lord I just love it. When we were talking about it at PV2 it made me realize how much I just don’t care.

    I have no idea what they do, and should I? I have no idea who they are other than they must be “wealthy” and must be “politically active”. Douches? Probably. They are outside of my influence as of right now and I would be surprised if I even supported them with my dollars.

    Even if I currently purchase their products, directly or indirectly it won’t be that long in the future till that won’t be true. The more people pay attention to that nonsense, the less focus they will have on what they are working on.

    Speaking of which I was in the middle of fleshing out my vision to begin my recruitment campaign….

  7. Here’s a quote I have up on my office wall from the American anarchist writer Edward Abbey that relates to this episode:

    “Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.”

  8. Welcome back Jack! I was so glad to hear you mention Open Source Ecology. Any chance of getting Marcin Jakubowski on as a guest? His TED Talk is a must see for folks who haven’t seen it yet. I feel the philosophies, values, inspirations, etc. of OSE are right in line with those you teach. Great show, thanks for all your hard work and deep thinking!

  9. Jack, it’s awesome that you have this forum and that you are able to make such a cogent argument. Whenever the occasion arises, I will mention what I hope is an implant for later consideration (such as voting is like voting for which Mafia family will steal your money) but I never feel as though I make much of an impact. Your ability to make an impact on people’s perspective and hopefully further along the insurrection gives me hope! And then I read the news today:
    (You can check out but you can never leave.) The long reach of government coercion, often via the courts, is just frightening .
    Headline: Judge blocks DC man from smoking in his own home

  10. “Leaders go first, but they come last.”

    That is one hell of a quote. Damn good podcast, I expect nothing less especially now that I’ve shared one too many beers at too late of night.

  11. Jack. Thank you so much for publishing the podcast. I really needed to hear it. I’m so pumped about what I’ve doing this year. This reinforced what I have to do and what I have to focus on. You’ve inspired me once again.

  12. “When the people start to wake up, they shove another dose of fear and anger down their throats to keep us distracted!” Paraphrased from Spirkodamus 2015


    So I ask, it seems to me that our doses of “sopa de meira de toro” with fear and anger are becoming more and more frequent. There is a lesson here to be learned with the increasingly frequent doses we are being force fed.

    • My wife and I had a really long talk late last night about exactly this topic. Well said Jack, and @RogueLibertarian

  13. This is one of those shows, where to me, and based off of the responses, a lot of people in the audience is EXACTLY why I listen to The Survival Podcast.
    It’s funny how disconnected the people who are “switched on” are becoming from the “sheeple”. This is a great podcast, that really puts a lot of things together and makes a lot of sense, but I dare you to find some random person on the street and try to explain this podcast to them… they’ll look at you like you’re completely crazy. (At least where I live)

    Jack, this might be one of those shows where when your voice is better, you do it again, and replay it every once in a while.

    • “…but I dare you to find some random person on the street and try to explain this podcast to them… they’ll look at you like you’re completely crazy. (At least where I live)”

      Seems like it’s that way pretty much everywhere. I think it’s one of those things that has to be fed in small doses over time to get. Try to give it all at once and they’ll just throw it back up.

  14. You don’t need to figure out what will ‘work for everyone’.. you just need to figure out what works for you.

    Does this sound familiar:
    ‘It’s not FAIR for you to do/have/be x, unless EVERYONE can do/have/be x. A solution that doesn’t work for EVERYONE, works for NO ONE.’


    Leading to an even better ‘control emotion’ than anger and fear.. shame.

  15. Great show today Jack. This will be one of my favorites.

  16. Thanks for the show Jack! It’s freakin’ awesome! I was wondering if anyone had any links to the very affordable housing that Jack spoke of in this episode? I’ve tried to find stuff, i.e. the earthship homes, they cost in excess of $100 / square foot. What is considered super cheap?