Review of the Moultrie Easy Fill Deer Feeder — 14 Comments

  1. Jack, other than the corn disappearing, how do you know that it is deer eating the corn? I’ve seen plenty of game camera photos that show squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife eating the corn (but, no deer).

  2. @Timothy,

    Few reasons, one yep coons may have eaten some but squirrels are not yet that abundant at the BOL. I plant to change that with some management next year but not many tree rats at all up there.

    Second there are deer tracks all over the place and um, “deer pellets” all over. I did have a hanging feeder up before and a ficken coon kept breaking it and making it fall. That particular coon is well, he is no longer a problem. LOL

    Yum coon its whats for dinner! Yes I am serious.

  3. @Tim, yea even in states where it is totally legal on private land it is generally highly illegal on public land. I would still be iffy on it anyway if it was legal. Odds are 2 legged vermin would just steal your feeder. I left a climbing stand on a tree one night at dusk. Figured it would make less racket in the AM, I came back to that same tree in the morning it was still DARK and my stand had been stolen. Some prick followed my night tacks and robbed it, I had to have only missed him by at most 20-30 minutes, lucky for him. 4 Blade Satellite broad-heads do nasty things to flesh and bone!

  4. Well, there are some excellent products out there (C’Mere Deer, Acorn Rage, others) that don’t require a feeder. What to me is funny is that, if I found an apple tree and hunted over it, it would be legal. However, if I scattered few apples and hunted over them, it’s illegal on public land (and in some states).

    I also know better than to leave anything set up on public land. I worked in Yellowstone National Park and have seen just about everything rotten/stupid that the public can do.

  5. @rdavidj very much so and additionally there are holes in the feet you can put spikes into if you want more stability.

  6. Jack, interesting the way you boys hunt in the heartland. Deer hunting seems more for sustenance than sport. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I’m in California. Opening day is Saturday. I’ll be sitting on a mountainside at 4:00 a.m. this Saturday waiting and watching in an area I’ve scouted. My buddies and I will be looking for bucks out to 300 yards. We’ll glass and stalk the rest of the weekend if that’s what it takes to put meat in the freezer. Good luck to you fellas this deer season.

  8. @Bill, Did you listen to the second half of the video about what feeders can and can not do for you. I swear some people assume anything they are not permitted to do must just makes everything overly easy. ;>)

    Seriously man I spent many years in PA on public land in stands in the snow, rain, etc. in a shaky tree praying for the sun to come out and warm up the temperature to above 10 degrees. Where I hunt in Arkansas you are lucky to see 50 feet in the bush vs. your 300 yards on a hill side. The Indians used to say “don’t judge a man before you walk a mile in his moccasins”, much to be learned from that.

    I have hunted all over the US, Maine, PA, Virginia, Colorado, Wyoming, Florida and New Mexico.

    What I learned was…

    1. Everyone thinks they have the best hunting for something or based on some reason.

    2. Everyone thinks their “way” is the best way.

    3. Everyone thinks everyone else everywhere else has it easier than they do.

    4. The reality is things are different everywhere you go and the challenge of the sport changes based on that. It is also never what you think it is going to be like before you get there and actually do it.

    Now hunting for sustenance you are correct about that, no place was that more true than PA where feeders are illegal but schools are closed on the first day of deer season.

  9. I have posted this on my face book. I have lots of family who hunt. I like this for other reasons; I may use this to feed chickens. Looks like it would hold a ton of food, my chicken yard is open to the sun so I could do a solar charger. I know my chickens would get a kick out of chasing the flying food. Manna from heaven!

  10. @Tracy they are great for such use. I took a small one (6 Gal bucket model) and used it floating on a simple raft in a pond for pellet feeding fish. They now actually market some as “fish feeders” but they are all the same thing really. If you do chicken feed one thing you may want to look for though is a feeder that has an adjustable spinner. This one is fixed in distance to be perfect for corn or pellet feed. It might let a lot of chicken feed fall out when not running I am not sure one way or the other just something to look at when you get one.

  11. Jack, Love the deer feeder. How about a video how to on how to butcher a deer when you get one.

  12. @Mike, I may do that this year, at least quartering and skinning anyway. The issue is this is a year of flux, getting ready to move, etc. So I don’t know about doing a full tilt version this year but would like to as some point.