Episode-2766- Jeremy Kauffman Answers Audience Questions on Odysee and LBRY — 6 Comments

  1. Billy Joe Shaver wrote the song of the day for Waylon Jennings. In fact, he wrote almost every song on that album for Waylon! The story behind how it happened is amazing and funny. Billie Joe passed last week and you probably know 20+ songs he wrote made famous by others. My favorites are Live Forever, old chunk of coal, Georgia on a fast train. Truly the real outlaw behind the outlaws. Check him out! You’ll dig it!

  2. I do not know Billy as an artist. I am sure that I probably know several of his songs though. There is a relatively unknown current singer named Ray Scott, who’s music has that 70’s and 80’s outlaw country sound, that I listen to quite often when I do listen to music. He did a cover album that had Live Forever on it. I love that song, so I dug a little deeper. That was when I learned of Billy, and some of the interesting points of his life, like his self defense etc. I did not dig into his music much though because I did not listen to music much at that time.

    When I get off my current TSP listening blitz (18 months of episodes in the last three months) I will look into Billy a bit more.

  3. I’m glad they mentioned the lagging issue for low bandwidth connections. I didn’t hear a solution though, unless I missed it.

    I tried using Odysee, but couldn’t because there wasn’t an option I could find to downgrade the video quality. I’m on satellite, and typically can watch YouTube at 144 or 240, at least until I hit my data cap. The only thing I could use on Odysee was audio with a static image.

    I would like to see an option on Odysee to downgrade the video quality for low bandwidth connections.

    • So the solution is encoding, which is how you select say 480p when I have uploaded in 720. He did say it is coming, they are not sure when. Rome is not built in a day. Just know any video I put on Odysee is also on Youtube so if you can’t use Odysee/LBRY you an still get my videos until they sort this out.

  4. I hate the evil empire of goo goo gah gah google. I’d like to transfer content directly from youtube to a new non-evil host without having to download and upload again. A direct transfer from google to the new host server. Has LBRY setup a mechanism to accomplish this?

    I’ve tried using alternative video hosts such as BitChute, but I have to reupload videos and it is very time consuming and the uploads often fail or timeout. Not to mention it ties up my bandwith.

    Let me know if anyone has such a solution and then I’m going to transfer hundreds of videos and content from the evil youtube to a new free speech platform.

    Also, I am not able to post comments here without turning off my VPN. I’d like to participate in this community without turning off and on my VPN to post comments. I suppose allowing high traffic VPN servers to post comments here carries a risk and may be disallowed for good reason.

    • Yes they will import your most recent 900 videos automatically and everything you ever publish to Youtube once you set it up going forward, there is no need to take your content off Youtube, I have not and won’t.

      IDK anything about how Odysee/LBRY acts with VPNs just saying I use one with out the problem you mention but I am logged in when I do so with my account and what have you so the VPN is not relevant, I think you must be logged into to comment anyway.