10 Steps to Restoring America – Epi-2968 — 8 Comments

  1. Sir thank you for everything you do.
    You always find away to make us challenge ourselve.
    This episode is right up there.

  2. Sent this off to my neighbors. They homeschool. Pulled their kids out the day the school gave their son a failing grade for not using CNN as his news source (the only source the school allowed).
    I’m old and badly broken down. Very tiny shaded lot. They’re a young, vibrant family. We’ve joined forces and I’ll share what I grow and they will do the same toward me.
    They are what brought me back to TSP.
    I can’t achieve my dreams. But I can help them achieve theirs through you here.

    On another note, I know many medical people who are going to be fired for refusing the jabbiejab.
    Can you do a show on how these people can set up clinics of their own and make a go of it? We all know ins will not support their efforts.
    Thanks Jack.

  3. Hey Jack you talked about using debt for tax free income, and you referenced that you’ve talked about that before.

    I don’t really remember listening to anything about real estate investing for personal freedom, what episode was that?


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