Episode-510- Building Renewalable Protein Sources via Aquaponics — 9 Comments

  1. This is weird Jack…I started reading “Aquaponics The Synaptoman Way” last night…I finished it this morning and you came out with this podcast right after I finished. Maybe I’m supposed to do this? ha

  2. Yay was hoping you would do a show on this. I’m looking for something like this to help feed my dogs actually 🙂 It’s goin’ in the vault for future reference…thanks Jack!

  3. This was a great show. It got me motivated to start a small system on my back porch. The forum site you linked to is great. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the great show. I’m motivated now to put together a mini system. Hopefully I’ll get some good practice I can put towards a larger system in the future.

    Jack, what size system are you planning to setup when you move? I don’t think you mentioned that in the show.

  5. My uncle Denis had great success burying fish under his pepper plants before planting. The pepper plants did exceedingly well.

  6. An idea for feed (based on something I heard Jack say a while back)

    Take the screen’s out of the greenhouse in the evening and put them back in in the morning. Set up a bug zapper above the fish tank. (an incandescent bulb will work as well)

    Bug goes zap. Falls in water. Yummy food for fish.

    I would be afraid of what the Bugs would do to the plants though,

    Would ALL bugs be attracted to the zapper? or are some immune to the lure of the zapper’s warm glowing, glowing warmness?

  7. @Smajda,

    Simplify, set up a bug zapper over a small dish outside, in the morning dump dish into tank, feed fish. No risk to the plants.

  8. I’m thinking along the lines of Max. I’m a hobby dog breeder and feed my dogs a raw diet. I’ve been trying to think of ways that if I have to, I can produce enough meat & bones for them to survive. I had been thinking chickens, lots & lots of chickens! But now I can see a way to really help supplement a chicken diet with a very healthy addition. Also in high school, my bedroom was lined with fish tanks, so this has a real appeal to me! I’ll still be doing chickens, maybe rabbits, but I think there will be an aquaponics system in my future. Thanks for another outstanding podcast!

  9. If you feed your dogs chickens, you may have trouble keeping them from eating the chickens you don’t want them to…