Reminder – PermaEthos Second Round — 26 Comments

  1. A week? I’ll be surprised if it takes an hour. Here on the left coast I’m getting up at 5:30 am on a Saturday. That, not the 500 bucks, should tell you how much I love you, Jack 😉

  2. It’s almost time to pay for the second round and I see no links.
    Maybe the link will appear at 8am CST.
    Please let me know how to pay for the PDC. I don’t want to miss this.

  3. Bam and I am in. Thank you Jack, Joe and the rest of the team for the chance to be a part of something amazing. I am proud to have seen this go from crappy audio during commutes to this amazing community. Looking forward to seeing this change peoples lives.



    • I was watching paypal during hte launch and was on with Kevin and Joe and was like, there’s Russ!

      • Haha, thanks again. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon, and to helping this project take off. I’m eying some large spots myself and look forward getting some feedback from everyone. Proud as hell of you guys.

  4. I’m guessing order numbers for the second round started at 1500? I added to cart at 12:01 and got #1543.

    • I tried getting into the website right at 8am, and by the time the website responded and I got in I got order # 1580.

  5. I’m sorry I missed out on the first round (by a matter of minutes) but I’m in now. I can’t wait to get started 🙂

  6. I’m out. Again. At 6:06 I’m 1587. It said “removed from cart item no longer available. It must have started at 1000. 6 freaking minutes!!! Oh my God I’m so sad!!

    • Diane right now we have still about 300 seats left, it isn’t sold out. Make sure you don’t have the item already in your shopping cart or something.

    • @Jack – I actually received a similar message after completing my purchase. I still have the order completion page up if you would like to see a screenshot. Below is the text that was displayed. (Note: I’m pretty sure my order went through just fine – I received a confirmation email, and I can see the PDC in my course list).


      PDC has been removed from your cart because it can no longer be purchased. Please contact us if you need assistance.
      Thank you. Your order has been received.

      May 31, 2014
      $500.00 up front then $0.00 / year


      • Exactly. That’s why I’ve been freaking out for an hour. But I checked my credit card and the charge went through so I guess I’m in. Thanks for posting that, Mike. I thought I was nuts.

        • So there you go, our system was just preventing you from ordering two times by accident and getting double charged.

  7. Is there any required/desired prior education/knowledge/skills needed prior to taking this PDC?

    • No, it is a good idea to do some independent learning and have at least and understanding of the concept of permaculture but I think the open person can do very well in a PDC even if they never had a garden in their lives, in some ways they might do better because there is less “unlearning” to do.