Reminder MSB On Sale for Only 30 Bucks for the First Year — 5 Comments

  1. First time msb, thanks for the code. I’d imagine it will get a lot of us stragglers of the fence, just as this community had gotten me off my ass.. I’ve taken the correct pill. The freaking rabbit hole is daunting, but with a little help from our friends this is doable. Ignorance was bliss I must say, but now I’ve got a child in diapers along with the stepson in college, and a new appreciation for truth and what’s going on, as well as what’s being forced on my children. With some action and the enough is freaking enough attitude I’ve garnered, my people are standing up. Slowly but surely, more are coming aboard the reality train, and I’ve sent them all to this community for guidance and information. The knowledge in here is astounding, whatever one wants, it’s here, and now with a small donation even more viable and credible content is available to help me grow my family into the liberty loving, independent thinking people our great country affords us to be, and gets them all wanting and willing to fight to keep those rights. We’re starting our food forest, have meager supply of essential stuff on hand, and no longer look to everyone else for life, we’re carving our own out in the gorgeous mountain climate of Northeast Tennessee. Thanks for the hard work and no bull shit Content. TNJR

  2. Could you give me more of an idea about the videos that come with the membership? I’m especially interested in permaculture.

  3. Trying to sign up to MSB and am getting “Coupon Used” message when putting in “spring14” — Help

    • There was a glitch with the code, for those that experienced it it may not work for you even though I fixed it. So use back up code 14spring