Episode-2816- I Have No Interest in Either the New or Old Normal — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Jack!

    I’m interested in your perspective on the Reddit “silver rush.” As for myself, I both like it and hate it.

    I like it because it brings the awareness of silver to the younger crowd. And I hate it because it prevents me from buying more cheaply!

    Plus I have a feeling it has the potential to really mess things up. The prices of solar, basic electronic stuff, etc…

    Anyway, your one of my goto trend forecasters, what’s your opinion?


    Ps. Great m morning shows last week!

    • God throwing Adam and Eve out of a garden (horticulture) into a field (agriculture) and hence into the slavery of the state is not lost on me. I tend to not comment on it because people get emotional over religion.

      I see it more as how the state used an appeal to authority (God) to justify servitude. I personally consider all religions methods of men controlling other men. Toby did a great job of explaining how “sky gods” and agricluture go hand and hand and the role a deity cited by masters has in domesticating man. I’ll check out the book.

  2. Jack, you are great. Been listening from Canada since you you were doing the show from your car. Life is constantly changing and adapt or die. If I don’t want to listen to you talk about crypto or permaculture, I don’t. But there are others who want to. Dont change a dam thing. This is no place for snowflakes.

  3. Jack, sorry for the off top but I can’t access your website when I use VPN (Nord VPN, to be precise). Is it you or me? The only other site that doesn’t work with VPN is Northern Tools,the rest of the internet works just fine. Thanks,

  4. Jack, Vaccines didn’t save us from smallpox. That is more propaganda to promote the ever expanding vaccine agenda. Same as Covid lies,masks lockdowns, etc etc. Dig into it. Plenty of resources that explain this. Good place to start..

    • I don’t bother with these stupid fucking claims, I am sure you are also one of these people who say either

      1. Viruses don’t even exist or
      2. A virus is just akin to ash and is the result after illness

      I have researched these claims and consider them not denial of science but rather denial or reality. These claims are on par with flat earth documentaries. Some how they have the power to make otherwise intelligent people believe in total fuckin bullshit.