Registration for the Oct TSP Workshop Opens for MSB on Monday — 7 Comments

  1. WOOOHOOO!!!! This one sounds fantastic! Oh man, who ever gets to attend this event will have a FANTASTIC time. Prepare to have fun, learn a LOT, take a bunch of great notes, make new friends, and work hard. I don’t think I’ve slept as well at home as I did in a tent – in a downpour, at 45 degrees, after a day with Jack and the TSP crew.

    34 students is going to make for a crowded workshop – the more the merrier. Oh, and bring an appetite – Jack and Dorothy will feed you well.

  2. I am really looking forward to this one! Function stacking is one of my favorite things about Permaculture and a really dynamic thing to learn!

    I hope to see a lot of new faces and some regulars to the TSP events as well!

  3. Be careful what you wish for Mr. Ferguson! 😀
    I’ve already put the call out to the April 2014 alums!

  4. Could you clarify the registration dates:
    ?On Monday the 16th of August I will open the class to MSB members
    ?On Wednesday the 18th of August I will open any remaining seats to the work shop to all.

    The 16th is Sunday
    The 17th is Monday
    The 18th is Tuesday
    The 19th is Wed

    Just don’t want to miss the right day/date.

  5. The guy getting beer and the guy getting accosted with the rake seem to favor each other. Thinking that the beer had something to do with it. Great times!!!