Episode-2741- You are Either Refuse to Play the Game or you are a Pawn — 5 Comments

  1. “Make your home a defensible fortress”

    not tactically possible. the ones outside will always know exactly where the ones inside are, but not vice versa, and long-range firearms will make this a decisive factor.

    • Only because you are a total idiot with no idea how to do what was suggested. Go ahead creep up on my property in the dark and well, you won’t see anything it will just happen.

  2. “Take what you want from ‘the systems’ give as little back as possible”

    a way of life for many already.

  3. First time listener. I REALLY enjoyed this one. I am now beginning to work my way through the archives. Do you all have any suggestions on good episodes to listen to out of the gate? My wife and I are interested in learning more about prepping… we just bought our first gun… definitely lots to learn! We do live in a conservative part of Texas though so we at least have that going for us.

  4. Lately I’ve been trying to frame my life not only in terms of refusing to “play their game”, but actively creating and playing MY OWN game. A little along the lines Like “Calvinball” for those who remember that reference. Mark a little win for me when I finish a comic, when I finish some significant task, when I learn a new recipe or skill, when I get one over on “the man” (tax season!), etc., and write them on my whiteboard. I haven’t gone so far as “scoring” myself by assigning specific point values to goals or accomplishments like those following the “gamify your life” approach, but aside from that it’s pretty similar. And I may experiment with the “points” angle at some point… as an occasional gamer I can see a bit of an appeal to that.

    I know it’s just a mental game, but it helps give me that little extra bit of motivation when I finish things. I think it also helps me see things differently and experience fewer mental barriers. As a creative sort, that’s pretty important to me.