Episode-156- Recovery Equals Inflation — 6 Comments

  1. Interesting theory on the FED. Makes sense why Ben won’t disclose who the money went to. As for the rest I disagree. They blew their wad. This money coming out will go into the hands of the same who just finished stuffing their pockets. You said it yourself, wages won’t and haven’t gone up. The spending is over& Buffet was wrong down 20% & now he is down 40% and he sold puts on the S&P that will eventually take him down entirely, he won’t live long enough to see it happen, dated 10 years out. Normal people can’t get mortgages now. Most people don’t have fico scores in the 800 range & that is what it takes to get a mortgage. I would love to believe there is another run coming but it isn’t going to happen. That is my opinion. Good show though.

  2. Devaluation of the dollar…I was young enough to now better and still too young to care the last time I saw this happen, and it seems to me it was the Mexican Denaro that fell apart. I dont recall all the reasons why the Mexican government printed more money, when they had nothing to back it up, then I am thinking it was NAFTA, and exporting more gasoline and LP to the US that gave them back a GDP. Could the Fed change the currency if the recovery takes too long? Does that mean the North American Union has a toe hold? Since US automakers are on the ropes, what else can we create that will support our GDP? Where could economic recovery actually come from ? Spending for the sake of spending? Flexing our Military Muscle? National Projects? Infrastructure support?

  3. There is only one way to recover. We have to start producing things here. The only way I believe that will happen is on a relatively small scale; the large companies (including Uncle Sam, Inc) are all into cheap labor. We need to find where we can acquire what we need from other Americans. The more $$$$$ goes overseas to buy cheap crap from China Mart, the longer any possible recovery will take.
    You can actually find things if you try; I recently bought a nice pushbroom at Lowe’s, made right here. There’s a number of websites that sell American goods; do a little searching. I have some pants and shirts, that, while they were not as cheap as the Chinese/Indian/whatever counterparts I’ve had in the past, they also did not fall apart quickly, either.

  4. Buy from the local farmer’s markets & craft shows…all made in the good old US of A!