Episode-1546- Reclaiming our Mental Sovereignty — 35 Comments

  1. Good episode Jack, had to take a call while listening and heard something about ISIS and WMDs, then F-bombs starting raining down. I almost ducked for cover, LMAO. On a serious note, I recently noticed the following quote on a car ad, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. I’m going to go crack a Landshark and visit my animals and garden, thanks for what you do.

  2. It might be bad to flip that switch for instant anarchy… but would it be any worse than what we have now?

    I’m of a mind that things would work themselves out over time, harmony coming out of chaos.

    • Power vacuums are far more dangerous than corrupt politicians. They breed warlords. Ask a Somalian about how they work themselves out over time.

  3. Actually Ron Paul Started off as a Libertarian and had to switch to the Republican Party later in his career….Look up the Ross Perot law, Congress passed….No One can Participate in the Presidential Debates unless their party won at least 20% of the vote in the last Presidential Election

  4. What you are saying today is just what I needed to here….I heard Hannany’s program stating he’s blowing the whistle on Washington and keeping them accountable etc… Nobody can hold them to anything. They manipulate the Metals market and every other market and do whatever they want to pretty much anywhere they have influence and most people have no idea. Thank you for your wisdom. We can do what needs done in our on lives and make adjustments and still resolve to be happy. Keep up the good work.

  5. Another excellent show. I embraced the anarchist philosophy about a year ago and I love your phrase “active apathy!” I’m there.

  6. Hi jack
    Great show as usual. I agree with you that our votes rarely mean anything but, I believe the real work is done by planting a seed in our fellow Americans brains. I don’t preach freedom but just throw a little into conversations here and there. I’ve had a little success in doing this. You have a much further reach than I do and I think if you tell people it doesn’t matter then they won’t pay attention at all and that has got us into this mess in the first place. If you put a bar graph of levels of freedom over time next to one of the people paying attention to politics, I bet they would look similar. The mainstream used to make fun of ron paul and now the republican party is quoting him. Glenn Beck just came out that he is leaving the republican party. If he said he was not going to vote, how many of his listeners would follow suit? What if he said he was going to vote libertarian? We need to pull together and fight. It’s taken hundreds of years to take this much liberty away. It’s not going to change back in an election but the ship is slowly turning. Where will this country be for our grandkids if we just opt out?

  7. I consider myself “actively apathetic” as well. There was a phrase in Ron Paul’s campaign that said “Ron Paul cured my apathy”. I think that was true in the political sense for a lot of his fans and I certainly set aside my disgust of the political process to work on his campaign, but it also opened my eyes to how right I was to disgust the political process and it made me really examine myself and how I want to live my life. Now, I’m even more apathetic than ever about politics and I no longer watch ANY news (being pregnant was a big motivator in that I didn’t want to be unnecessarily stressed out). I don’t care if Rand Paul runs either. I’m done with that system and I’m going to live my dreams and live my life how I want and no one is going to stop me. No one is going to stop me because all I want is to grow my own food, sell enough to make a good living, and live happy with my family. That’s it and there’s no better time to start doing that than now. Let the current system rot and die. I don’t care. Active apathy is really the only way to get the life you want.

  8. I am enjoying the series. It is nice to have someone talking about our unalienable Rights what they mean and look like in practice.

    You talked all around and implyed 2 vary important things.

    1. The control of others is a violation of their Liberty. Control of others is at the root of our eroding Liberty. Control of others is enslavement and as long as we continue to force our ideas of how the world should work on others we violate their liberty. Every side is calling for the other side to be enslaved no wonder we are losing liberty.

    2. As long as we do not let others excersie their right to be wrong we enslave or selves and our time to the violation of their liberty.

    We find control of others and can hear it the statements “There should be a law”, “Somebody should so somthing about X”, “So that it does not happen again”.

  9. Kick ass show. Love to hear the f-bombs exploding out of your throat. I would share this with my friends that are still in the early stages of recovery (posting political memes on facebook and lamenting the loss of John Stewart), but eff em. They’ll either get here on their own or by following our example. Either way, I’m feeling more free everyday based on my own actions.

    Thanks for the pill, brother.

  10. I’m not sure that an anarchist could have said anything to you Jack that would necessarily have made a huge difference; it’s an individual journey as well as the argument and observation of the world. The way I see it anarchy has the drawback of being a negative term, not only because of the “chaos” meaning but because it implies no rulers, instead of a way of living and associating with others peacefully and voluntarily which is a positive concept of action. Indeed anarchy/voluntaryism is all around us every day when people decide to cooperate and trade instead of stealing, scamming, or cheating others.

    You also said you were worried about bringing everybody. I believe freedom is absolutely not for everyone. In North Korea people worship Kim Jong Un as a living god, but in South Korea people have hi def tvs, good food, and a productive economy. Many of the people in NK are simply not ready for anything more. How much of that difference is due to fear, i.e. people accepting restrictions on their own freedom in order to get restrictions on others? As a wise man once said, in order to truly be free you have to allow others to be free. And not everybody can do that.

    • Oh it would have, all I had to understand is it was about me, not everyone else and that was it.

    • Gabriel, I am totally not picking on you or about to beat you down for any reason. I agree totally with what you posted, but in light of the recent dressing down I received from my Uncle Jack, I couldn’t help but be curious how you know anything about North Korea. Are you a NK scholar? Go there a lot? Have family there or… ?
      Again, not trying to troll or anything. Have a great one.

    • Also Gabriel it wasn’t that I was worried about bringing everyone but how it would work for everyone. Typical objection, if we had anarchy what would stop people from just stealing, killing people, etc.

      Basically that society is not yet ready for anarchy. In the end though I realized that it didn’t matter, it only mattered if I was. It only matters that others are and that we work together. That is all, nothing more.

      I have never heard an anarchist other than myself explain it that way but they all agree with it when you present it that way.

      In the end I don’t think you become an anarchist, I think you finally simply realize that you are one.

      • “In the end I don’t think you become an anarchist, I think you finally simply realize that you are one.”

        Spot on.

      • “In the end I don’t think you become an anarchist, I think you finally simply realize that you are one.”

        Yup! When I looked back on my life, that realization hit me too.

  11. Fair enough. There’s lots of times I’ve wished someone would just have told me something as well, but then I often reflect and think that some things have to be learned. As I recall, Michael Dean didn’t go from minarchy to anarchy until he met a certain youtube rapper.

      • Lol. I just tried to think of a person who took a long time to go from minarchy to anarchy and that’s the first thing I thought of. There’s that old joke about the difference between a minarchist and an anarchist being six months.

        (PS – He’s a friend of Ben Stone and gave a talk at Porcfest with him.)

  12. “Take it back!” I’m just finishing up 299 days on audible… Reminds me of the Lt. Colonel’s speech. Thanks, good show.

  13. Shoot, the first edit of the podcast had my name in it, but you seem to have corrected your edit to remove my name. Darn that would have been almost as good as winning the membership. So if it comes up again, feel free to use my full name.

    Thanks again for the show and all you do.

  14. I have met a billionaire. I used to work for him (one of his companies). True psychopath. Furthermore he had a cadre of “yes men” that were equally psychopathic. You nailed it Jack.

  15. I’ve had a few business dealings with billionaires, and people that were extremely wealthy, some famous, most not. I can’t really say I gave it much thought before listening to this show, but I have to say that my experiences line up well with what Jack said in the show.
    (If you’ve never had this experience, it’s kind of hard to describe) but there are certain people that just by simply being close to them, you feel like you need to be armed and on high alert. And then, when you’re not around them anymore, you have an almost uncontrollable instinct to want to take a shower. That has been the case with me and each ultra wealthy person I’ve come in contact with.
    Now, if you meet a guy who’s a self made man or woman and has $50-100 million, you almost certainly will come away impressed, and often times inspired.
    Strange how that pattern could even be possible, it kind of defies logic in a way.

  16. Great podcast. I shot it over to some people who need it.

    What a great breakdown of how a person transitions to some sort of hard fact to come into understanding. Regardless of whether its about politics or not, you’ve described it rightly as an addiction.

    • The isis comment was excellent.

      I used to say all the time “there is no scoreboard in the sky”. In otherwords by you doing some useless pointless action, there is no tick mark that gets put on a score board somewhere saying “this person did something”. Caring and wasting any energy on things that are VERY out of your control, squarely fits into that category. Doesn’t change anything. Doesn’t matter even what your reasoning is, whether its good logic and reasoning, or its not. It doesn’t matter.

  17. Great show Jack! I’m a little behind on these and am currently catching up — managed to listen to this one while I was engaged in some rather mindless tasks at work today. I’m probably one of the distinct minority of your listeners who started from a very left-wing perspective, but over time that’s worn away to the point that I have realized I’m an anarchist and am more interested in trying to build shit than get involved in slinging it.

    One word of caution I’d offer to everyone out there if you’ve gotten to the point at which you are able to think for yourself, though — be careful of alcohol when in groups of people who haven’t gotten there yet. This past Christmas, the beer and wine were flowing and I had a few drinks more than I would otherwise. And several members of my extended family on my wife’s side start talking Presidential politics, and some of them start singing the praises of Chris Christie, convinced that he’s going to come in and fix everything for them (while they continue to spend their time watching hours upon hours of TV in their spare time). I got annoyed about listening to this inane conversation going on for some time, and said something along the lines of, “Why on earth do you spend so much time focused on something you have absolutely no control over?” Within a short time I had 4 or 5 people turning against me (regardless of whether they liked Christie or not). And when I said that I didn’t bother to vote anymore because it didn’t make a damned bit of difference, you would have thought I pulled it out and took a whiz on the Shroud of Turin.

    The moral of the story? Don’t have too much to drink when in the company of extended family, otherwise your patience may wear thin when forced to sit and listen to them debate the topics you find to be a complete waste of time — like politics.

  18. Regarding the story about the fish washed up on the beach — I always heard it differently, that it was thousands of starfish washed up on the beach after a major storm. Just by changing that detail, I think the story takes on a different meaning, that the kid’s actions were meaningful for those starfish he’s able to help. I think this actually can be applied to much of the stuff that we’re all involved in doing. For example, my garden may not even feed my family 100%, let alone my neighbors or community — but it still makes a difference. And if some of my friends and neighbors see the stuff I’m doing with vegetables and fruit trees and chickens, they might ask if I can help them get something similar started — and so on.

    • Sorry to bust your bubble but a starfish doesn’t swim, if you see a shit load washed to shore you get the same results throwing them into the surf, they once again have to go though the dying process.

  19. On the bit on focusing on yourself. Even Anthony Robbins (the Motivational speaker) says: If you can’t help yourself, how can you help anyone?

  20. One reason for voting is that in many states voting registries are where they get their jury pools. Jury Nullification is one of the few remaining ways that a single individual can thwart the will of the state. For details, see Fully Informed Jurors Association at

  21. I was in my anger phase when I said all those mean things to the cops on your forum several years back. I was in my depression stage when I came back after a year of not posting to say more mean things, and got myself banned. I haven’t changed my mind about police, but I don’t bother calling them out for their thuggery anymore, for all the reasons you have mentioned here about Acceptance.