The Day of Reckoning for the Covidians is Here – Epi-3022 — 16 Comments

  1. Rock on Jack, stellar show. I watched it live. If god himself came down to earth and told the masses, “you’ve been duped”, they still wouldn’t believe it. I would never take a drug that has “death” as a side effect. Not only that but heart attacks, strokes, clots, dropping dead on the spot, severe life altering debilitating side effects, neurological problems and so much more. Unbelievable! Great presentation that covered so much. The hypnotic crowd may take pause on this one. Thank you for a very touching show.

  2. So what’s the path forward? How do we hold the clowns that decreed death and misery accountable? Class action law suites? Criminal trials and hopefully public executions?

    Withdrawal of consent of the governed. That’s what’s happening.

    Now it’s time to abandon media and let it die screaming. And ignored.

  3. I was a silent front line hospital worker who contracted alpha 1-28-20 before we even knew of CV. I treated it with Echinacea purpurea, Sambucus canadensis and Prunella vulgaris. I had access to more info than most but my best source of accurate info was some duck farmer. If we followed his protocols instead of Mr Science I truly believe there would be be at LEAST a half million more Americans alive today and even more worldwide.

  4. Another hidden risk of the covid response is the excessive use of purple top wipes at my hospital. Dimethyl Ethylbenzyl Ammonium Chloride vapors are known to cause cancer (especially liver) and we were using 8-12 times more than normal. At times it made my lungs burn. In 5 to 10 years from now when there is a spike in cancer will we connect the dots? I consumed large amount of dandelions to help prevent liver damage but who knows if it will be enough.

  5. I have felt very frustrated too in many ways. I was pressured into taking my elderly mother to be vaccinated when I had said I wasn’t doing it by my sister and brother in law. The next day I checked my blood pressure and it was very extremely high. My mother says I get crazy ideas from trump and she’s ashamed of me. I laughed it off at the time but it did bother me. I hear her talking on the phone to my sister that I am the enemy and it’s difficult at times. All the crazy news bothers me a great deal and I have had many stressful moments

  6. Looks like your video was pulled from YouTube. Any chance you might want to update this post with your Oddseyy link or whatever your preferred video platform is?

  7. Great show again, nice to have a “list” so to speak. A couple comments – my wife is a licensed healthcare provider working in women’s health. She did a small (couple hundred), “unscientific” (not blinded or random) survey among her vaccinated and unvaccinated clients and reviewed their charts. It’s true there were reproductive cycle changes in a number of vaccinated clients after receiving the “vaccine.” It’s also true that the unvaccinated also had (generally more severe) cycle changes after having COVID. As a medically recognized indicator of a women’s health, its not unexpected to have cycle changes during periods of high stress (physical or emotional). I am unaware of a single case among her clients where a cycle did not return to normal.

    About VAERS – it’s my understanding that anyone can submit a case to VAERS. If a healthcare provider refuses to submit, you can submit either as the patient, family of the patient, or random stranger to the patient. As such, the data is unverified and should be taken with a grain of salt. I’d be curious to hear from someone with more experience about VEARS if that data is ever verified and if so, where that can be found.

  8. Thank you for sharing your findings Jack. I wanted to share YouTube video with some of my friends but it was gone. Figured goolag is desperate to cover the truth, which only says they know it is truth. Send my friends link to your website instead.
    One comment on what you said about knowing that some of your listeners have left.
    Cookie and I are listeners but most of all we are friends who have broken bread together. Though we don’t live in close proximity anymore, it does not mean that friendship is gone. On contrary it endures forever! Hope you, Dorothy and the kids are well!

  9. Thank you for this Jack. I was able to watch the first half on YouTube but when I went back to finish it, it had been pulled. I listened to the remainder on Spotify and forwarded the episode to my two teenagers. They can use this truth bomb as further proof that the main stream media and the gov’t isn’t on their side, and what their teachers are trying to feed them is a lie. Keep up the great work.

  10. Thank you for this excellent podcast. As a nurse in the hospital I watched this all unfold. It’s so devastating to have to have your eyes opened this way. The lives that were lost. The leaders that are silent. Like you say, you a redneck duck farmer know this. Thanks for the compilation , for holding integrity first., for the courage to put it out there. From the heart , love and hugs,,,

  11. Dude!!! Good to hear this stuff. Thank you. I agree with everything u said. One of the weird things I keep noticing is pro jab people acting like the masks, mandates and jabs was actually f’n working until omicron. Huh? Also these people don’t believe me when I say you are counted as unvaccinated from day you get injection 1 until 14 days after injection 2. It’s obviously data manipulation. They knew before the public jab rollout that’s when the vast majority of jab injuries happen. So they are counted as unjabbed kovid cases. Or my favorite is the “trust the science” crowd telling me they won’t waste their time reading the peer reviewed studies I send them about natural immunity cuz I’m an “anti vaxxer” …keep up the great work brother