Real World Preparedness for Everyone – Epi-3391 — 4 Comments

  1. Kitty litter in a 5 gal bucket with contractor grade bag works great for poop a little shake when you are done to cover it and no smell when it is full double bag and throw away it’s just a big diaper

  2. 800 Watt Inverter did not work to run my refrigerator nor chest freezer.
    While running watts is much lower for each, starting either requires more than 800W.
    I have tried it many times with 2 different refrigerators and 3 different chest freezers, and it rarely worked (except when I tricked it by unplugging and plugging it many times during 1st 3 seconds of start up.
    Don’t count on it working unless you have a newer refrigerator with low starting power consumption.

  3. Do you have a link to the documents you talked about in the podcast today for planing to print out ? Sorry should have paid more attention to the link in podcast while listening.
    Thanks for today’s episode was good listening.