Episode-1925- A Bunch of Random Stuff — 20 Comments

  1. On the “future predictions” article, I actually doubt that electric cars will result in cities become significantly less noisy, because government will no doubt require electric car makers to fit artificial noise generators to protect people from themselves when they’re crossing the road with their eyes glued to their cell phone. 🙂

    No doubt it will make some difference to what we have now on freeways and less populated roads though.

  2. I have always loved that song..Willie did a great version of it as well…It was kinda surprising to me back in the 80’s when I found out a woman, Sharon Vaughn wrote that song…It kinda took on a new meaning to me..Great song none the less

  3. Regarding really dumb login passwords… among the top ten worst passwords is “password”.

    I have trouble remembering passwords so I have two strategies:

    1. I use the password manager Last Pass.

    2. I have a few favorite passwords that I pad out with a pattern on the keyboard to extend the length.

    Thus, if my favorite password is “password” I would pad it out with a keyboard pattern. (This is not the pattern I use. It is only an example.):


    See the pattern? If you look at your keyboard, you will see how my fingers could tap this out without actually memorizing a stream of what looks like random characters. If I am ever asked what my password is, I can answer honestly, “I have no idea whatsoever.”

    Alex Shrugged

  4. Further on password lunacy…

    In the bad old days, mainframe computers would be shipped with the same administrator password. 9 out of 10 system administrators would forget to change the default password, thus leaving their systems open to attack by anyone with a connection. (Shudder!)

    For a great read on the state of computer security in the early days, I suggest…

    “The Cuckoo’s Egg: Tracking a Spy through the Maze of Computer Espionage” by Cliff Stoll.

    An out-of-work astronomer takes a temporary job at the university’s computer services center. The first task he is given is simple. Find out why the university’s custom computer billing system is 2 cents different from the built-in computer billing system.

    In the old days with multiple users accessing an expensive mainframe computer, each department was charged for their computer access time. Mainframes were shipped with a standard package to do this billing, but some customers would have special requirements and run a different billing system. Thus a hacker, trying to cover his tracks, could modify the log files for the well-known billing system without realizing that the custom billing system was also tracking his usage. Thus the 2 cents difference. (oops!)

    The book is a fascinating look into what goes on along the backbone of the Internet.

    Alex Shrugged

    • thank you, i purposely logged in just now to make this same comment (I’m a few days behind in listening.)

  5. Hey Jack,

    I just wanted to clarify a few points from your future predictions segment regarding the iphone. Its not a big deal but I figure that you like to have the best information so I would go ahead and share it.

    Marketshare for the iphone is a little confusing because you can look at it two ways:

    1. The amount of devices made by Apple vs other phone makers

    This would compare Apple to other phone makers like Samsung, LG, Motorola (Lenovo), HTC, etc.

    Looking at it this way apple has 12.5%
    Samsung – 21%
    Apple – 12.5%
    Huawei – 9.3%
    OPPO – 7.1%
    vivo – 5.9%
    Others 44.2%

    2. Devises running Apple’s “IOS” operating system vs other operating systems

    This compares the software running on the phones. All iPhones rus IOS but most other manufacturers produce phones for multiple operating systems

    Here is the breakdown by operating system

    Android (including galaxy, nexus, moto and many other brands) – 86.8%
    iOS (iPhones) – 12.5%
    Windows phone – .3%
    Others (Blackberry, Ubuntu, Firefox, etc) – .4%


    You couldn’t really say that iPhones dominate the market. In fact android phones are far more prevalent because every other manufacturer makes android phones.

    It’s a similar idea with Windows vs Mac if that helps…

    Anyway just thought I’d share in case anyone else cared. 🙂

    • News to me everyone I see has an iPhone around here, sort of makes my point better though, no one would say that the iPhone isn’t main stream.

    • Yeah, and to be fair it has a lot to do with demographics with a skew to iPhones as affluence goes up. For example, in the United States the iPhone sells about the same as Samsung phones and it is around 60% – 40% android vs iOS.

      Iphones also skew to business people while android skews to techie people. Because I am a bit of a techie myself the great majority of people I know use android.

      Interesting article if you’re curious

      But I agree that your point is still valid. Both android and iphones are the mainstream espesially in the United States.

      Sorry to be nit picky… Love the show!

  6. Solar panels, one son who works for a solar company was going to ship me some panels from their old plant which they were giving away, but couldn’t find a good way to ship them economically. Told me it would be better to order new ones when I am ready.

    He develops machines which automate more of the process. The company laid off 30% of their engineers and other employees not too long ago but felt his job was safe as he has saved the company millions so far with his inventions. (Thinking he is underpaid) Others are working on this too. Things are changing so fast (better ways to make with less employees, more automation) that some machines become obsolete by the time they are manufactured.

  7. I really enjoy the show. I’m a few days behind, so as I’m listening to your segment on John Podesta email/password, I already know that this is misinformation. As I catch up on the next few days episodes, I hope you’ve already called yourself out on spreading that misinformation?
    Looking forward to 2017.
    PS The item of the day has been a great add-on this past year.

      • And you know it really doesn’t matter, the guy was a fucking idiot!

        By the way his system password, was p@ssword!

        Still as bad as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  8. Your discussion about new tech and such -specifically the one statement about, “If Amazon delivers by drones, what opportunities is that going to destroy and what opportunities will that new create?” got me to thinking about a possible example from the past. A lot of buggy whip manufactures when out of business when the new fangled horseless carriage came out. I wonder how many managed to survive by thinking, “this horseless carriage has a way to steer it that is basically a stick, or wooden wheel … what if we (who work with leather), make covers for these things?

    Sometimes, thinking like that helps me see the opportunity in what is staring me in the face.

  9. Our country is a powder keg made of tissue paper right now, I don’t see ANYTHING in the MSM or GloboCorp communications that are doing anything to remedy the situation…
    Really scary times ahead 🙁