Quick Easy Bruschetta from the TSP Garden — 11 Comments

  1. Hey Jack!
    Looks good!
    Here’s an appetizer recipe I think you’ll like!
    Roasted Red Peppers, marinated in vinegar, EVOO, and gsrlic!
    Goat Cheese.
    Fresh Basil.
    Salt and pepper.
    Cut the Goat cheese into purse about 1/2″thick, lay the roasted red pepper on top (it should look like a piece of sushi) sprinkle fresh basil on top, salt and pepper to taste.
    My favorite appetizer!

  2. I just made some pico de gallo before I watched this. When you said that this is the Italian version of salsa it just clicked…. duh. It’s funny how certain techniques translate across borders depending on ingredients. Thanks for the video.

  3. Outstanding Jack! My wife was actually impressed that I was bothering to learn how to make bruschetta. It looked fantastic and I can’t wait to try making some!

  4. Jack,
    Awesome! I have tons of fresh garlic that I recently harvested, I have fresh basil to pick and my wife just brought home a case of tomatoes the Amish grew and this is definitely being made tomorrow! Thanks for the quick video.

    I am betting a bit of Feta Cheese thrown in there would give it a kick.


  5. Guess what I will be eating today with fresh baked bread! Along with some home cured lardo on fresh asparagus from the garden, and perhaps even some home cured bacon.

    Jack, I highly recommend a book by River Cottage for home curing meats with just salt, it is awesome and Ive made over 5 of the recipes so far including prosciutto.