Episode-276- Listener Questions for 9-14-09 — 11 Comments

  1. Jack on the land thing a friend of mine was going to buy a lot for dirt cheap.But when he looked into it he could not build anything the power company had built the powerlines too close to the ground and refused to put them up higher because they said it would cost too much money.So instead of buying the lot and going to court he just walked away.

  2. Regarding the land…
    If that land is EPA contaminated it could cost MILLIONS of dollars for cleanup, be super careful.

  3. @BUB that is a great one to look out for. Imagine your shock when you find that bargin has been saturated with cadmium and is going to cost 500K to clean and as the owner you must clean it or go to jail. OUCH!

  4. On the $500 dollar commercial lot. Check to see if it is heavily polluted. You could be liable for the clean up if it is. Polluted land is sometimes zoned commercial to keep people from building houses on it.

  5. Underground fuel tanks are very common. Older tanks were made of metal, and if the commercial lot was a service station or used for fueling vehicles at all it may have tanks that rusted through and are leaking. The buyer would be required to have the tanks removed and then pay for testing and cleanup if necessary. Very expensive…

  6. As a land owner in Alberta, we do not own our mineral rights. If it has been grandfathered in is the only way a landowner can own his mineral rights. Otherwise they belong to the Government of Alberta and they on a regular basis hand over those rights to Oil and Gas Companys when they put in applications for leases or pipelines. If the landowner objects to a project proceeding, they must go in front of the Surface Rights Board, they should be represented by a lawyer to get the best deal or to have it not proceed. The Oil and Gas industry can then drill directionally and still take what they want, but not on your land. The monies received by landowners who let projects proceed, does not even remotely come close to the profit gained by the companies. There are standard monies set out by the industry to be paid to landowners in the event that the projects proceed. For the amount of damage done to the land the amount is pitiful.

  7. wow. Even you have been sucked into the “healthcare” debate. Sorry, I think it’s a distraction for something else more pressing, like gun ownership. They do NOT care about us, or our healthcare situation. Seriously. If it is going to cost us one red dime more for our own care paid for by our own tax money, it will go down. It’s not going to happen. While we’re all tied up on this issue, they are sneaking in the back door with gun control. They are sneaking in with the control of alternative and natural health substance control. Wake up people. This is not the only issue, just the one they CHOOSE for us to focus on. We’re being manipulated.

  8. @Kathy

    You are both right and wrong on this. You are 100% correct that there is other stuff going on, there always is and during these debates is when they try a lot of underhanded crap.

    You are wrong though to dismiss the issue. This is a huge goal of our government. The end game is to control


    Once they have that, they have everything. They are damn close to all three.

    The gun issue is one they want to settle as well but Heller vs DC set the back a bit. Right now they will focus where the momentum is. Gun control is a poison pill at the moment even Reid and Pelosi want no part of it. Now if the Chief Assclown had his way we would have mandatory registration tomorrow, a license for any gun and an outright ban on handguns. Fortunately he ain’t getting his way. He even appointed a very pro gun guy to the Department of the Interior.

    I agree they are up to many things just not this one at this moment. I also am not “sucked in”, I was asked and I answered. I didn’t even say what I think should be done, just what I think is going to happen.

  9. Glad to see that I am not the only one who heard EPA whistles go off in my head about the $500 commercial property. At that price I’d bet $500 it’s contaminated with something and the owner knows it. If the person is going to pursue buying the property ask the current owner for permission to have the land tested for all contaminates by a company of the buyers choice. If they don’t agree, run, don’t walk, away from the deal.

    Healthcare, unfortunately, I agree with Jack’s comments, it’s going to happen and we will be heading down the same road they are in Europe.

  10. Oops, I forgot to ask a question, The mineral rights question is something I am trying to research. When I lived in Michigan we had all mineral rights the land. Here in Arizona, I have read hat the only right you have is to the surface of the land. Is there a place to find out what states allow the restriction of mineral rights?

  11. Great info about podcast :-)Something I’ve been kicking around but haven’t made up my mind.

    It is possible to use hydroponics for some veggies. Set up isn’t cheap but it’s an option.
    Trees around a house are extremely useful.
    The moderate the heat in the summer & the cold wind and snow in the winter. Sometimes the are a problem for solid fuel appliances.

    In western Pennsylvania OGM (oil,gas & minerals) are a concern for land buyers, and should always be included in any title search. I have 45 acres under lease to a coal company and in the past have had a gas lease.
    For experience I would recommend the services of an attorney that specializes in OGM & real estate law for ANY purchase of land – commercial, residential or agricultural. Way too much can happen and go wrong -right up to the closing.
    That said plenty of good land is still available with complete OGM.