Episode-219- Audience Questions for 6-12-09 — 9 Comments

  1. Hey Jack,

    I abandoned Loop 12 yesterday at Irving Blvd, 4 miles from my destination. What with the flooding and traffic light failures it still took an hour, so it sounds like there wasn’t any better solution either way. That road is hell.

    Enjoying your work. Keep it up.

  2. As with every other encroachment of our liberties, the FED was sold as the solution to a “crisis.” Just like the Patriot Act, gun control laws, the income tax, etc.

    “He who would trade liberty for security deserves neither.” Ben Franklin (paraphrased)

  3. Hi Jack. I heard there was some severe stormy weather in the Dallas area. What was the outcome? Was it really that severe? Care to podcast about it, or did you already?

    Thanks for the show.

  4. Hey Jack, when you talk about raising fish with plants it’s not called aquaculture. That only refers to fish farming. They have started calling it Aquaponics. You should google that. I’ve seen some really interesting stuff. Including using chicken droppings to help feed the fish!

  5. Hey Jack, great audio – just checked radar and your area is getting hit again tonight! Just what you need.. more rain and storms.

    I just wanted to add that Orange Oil is also a great household cleaner for just about everything. I use it to mop the floors then, as you mentioned,take the mop water outside and put it on any ant mounds and it runs them right out. AND IT SMELLS GREAT! It is expensive, but a little goes a long way. I buy concentrated orange oil at the feed store and it is a little less expensive than the products that are now showing up in grocery stores.

    Intrigued with your new project and may drop you an email.. 🙂

  6. Jack,
    Great show as usual. One concern I wanted to bring up is the risk of using DEET. It is great to repel Mosquitos but there is a lot of research that is questioning it’s safety. I’ve read that Canada banned anything more than 30prct due to neuro risks, especially in kids.

  7. As for a sharpening stone I recommend diamond sharpeners. These come in a variety of options, shapes, grits.

  8. More about sharpening: The cordless Dremel (lithium ion battery) has an attachment for doing chainsaws. My 4-yr old Dremel has only been in the charger 3 times. As for axes and knives a good coarse/fine 1″x12″ file works the best.

  9. I wish lawnmower manufactures would make the gas tanks translucent so I can see the gas level as I fill it. I overfill the tank almost everytime because I can’t see the level.