Episode-2803- Listener Questions and Answers for 1-12-21 — 8 Comments


    My favorite version of Live Forever. Ray Scott may not be a big name, but he has a sound that is very much in the same vein as Waylon and company. He definitely is not fitting in with the way that country has gone in the last several years with this bubble gum pop sounding stuff. He has kept his sound that fits in with the 1970’s and 1980’s. He may never get popular, but he has not sold out. When I do listen to music, he is one of the singers that I listen to the most.

    @Jack, I think you should check his music out if you feel like listening to something new, but with a more true country sound. Not necessarily a lot of deep meaning, but mostly fun loving songs.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hey Jack, Today you said if you ever left Texas it would be for Tennessee or Florida. I’ve been listening since you were in Hot Springs, AR and was wondering why AR wasn’t on the list? We are looking at their and Tennessee, but the amount of Hollywood libs moving to Nashville is very concerning.

  3. What I do with rapid rooter plugs is make a tiny hole next to the original large hole with an awl, and then shove the seed in there. Since the awl doesn’t remove any material, the rapid rooter closes around the seed and I don’t get any “push-outs” and there is good contact between the moist plug and the seed.

  4. Hi Jack,
    Listening today and enjoyed the soil/lawn segment. I was wondering if you could expand on that and maybe cover or give advice for moles that destroy the yard. I want to stop using chemicals, but I cant figure a good way to prevent the food source for these moles (yes they are moles and not voles etc.). Thanks in advance.

  5. Considering germination temperatures and using damp paper towels in zip bags is good advice. I find temperature to be especially critical with some fussy pepper varieties. 80-90°F seems to work best for me and I use thermostatically controlled heat mats to make sure I’m there.

    Above 95° and germination lessens, so you can be too warm also. I found this out when using an unregulated heat mat under T5 florescents. With the lights on, the temp in the seed zone could get well over 100°.

    • Another way to do this especially with kratky hydro is a simple aquarium heater in the tank.