Episode-2901- Answers to the Most Common Questions I Get about Anarchism — 11 Comments

  1. I love Michael Malice. I’d been wondering how long until you’d cross his path!

    • In addition to being extremely intelligent and quick witted – Michael Malice is also freaking hysterical.
      Let’s all “tweet” at him to fill out the guest form.

  2. Jack, I heard you mention having a community member create timestamps for your YouTube/Odyssey video.

    This site here has some information on how community members can be given the ability to add chapters to your podcast. Once the chapter file is created and attached to your feed, a podcast player would be able to let your audience click on the chapter and jump straight to that spot in the episode. I’m sure you have members who would be more than happy to help out with creating the timestamps while listening. Your Expert Council shows would really benefit from something like this.

  3. Fucking retarded. An anarchist society would eventually establish a set of rules for all these things that you talked about, i.e. how to deal with a thief, how to resolve purchase dissatisfaction, etc., etc. Over time these rules would become governing law. Your anarchism would be gone. Also, just because you think you would handle something in a civilized manner doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of people out there who wouldn’t. This episode of your podcast was fallacy after fallacy. Very unfortunate because you put out alot of good info in other episodes.

      • Gee, that spurs conversation. I bring up points of concern, and your only response is straight from rules for radicals. Ridicule an opponent to avoid exposure of flawed thinking.
        Yeah, I could have left off the fucking retarded comment, but that doesn’t excuse your inadequate response to my points.

        • You lead off with “Fucking Retarded” and then went into a rant about nonsense showing total ignorance to everything about the subject. With that you are not “bringing up points of concern”, rather being an antagonistic ignorant troll an not worth as such of the time and effort to respond to beyond, saying you talk like a man with a paper asshole.

          You want to debate this live with agreed upon standards in a live video feed with a proper debate moderator, fine, I can shred this into oblivion. I have no need to do so in a fuckin blog comment. Move along troll, I don’t have the power to cure willful ignorance.

    • And now you talk like a man aware that he can’t be punched in the face across the internet.