Episode-237- Listener Questions 7-14-09 — 12 Comments

  1. Listen, Jack. Though I don’t particularly use my youtube channel for anything worth watching most of the time, I really appreciate you mentioning the Ant and the Grasshopper slide show in more than one episode. At most, I was hoping a few people looking up aesop’s fables would stumble upon it, gradually over time, but I didn’t expect you to endorse it so heavily on your show, or even at all. It really is touching, and I’m glad I didn’t disappoint. Keep talkin’ about liberty, Buddy, and I’ll keep trying to raise awareness of your show. I certainly would have done so, whether you’d responded to my video or not.

  2. In California they are destroying families by using Title IV-d. The state depending on this blood money. The federal incentives mandate the state provide free services to illegals. The problem with giving benefits to illegals is at the federal law and it gives a rope for the state to rope themselves with the billions when it is costing them billions more. We need to demand ending all this sick programs.

    Check out Lary Holland’s site: He has the skinny on Title IV-D abuse.


  3. Jack,

    Regarding the question you responded to on shotgun ammo. One thing I did while I was a working Deputy sheriff, I carried both 00 buck and slugs. The 00 buck was Winchester (red hulls) and the slugs were Remington (green hulls). Now I keep my smaller pellets #7 1/2 or #9 are Peters (blue hulls). By site I couls tell what was going into the gun, rather than having to try to read worn off print.

  4. Jack,

    Thanks for sharing the blog post today. My biggest incentive for being “green” is to increase efficiency and minimise my use of resource and therefore expenditure.
    It’s almost as if mentioning any sort of financial gain from being environmental is a taboo.
    Funnily enough our local government now supports a lot less recycling now that they can’t get so much from the scrap. When it gets expensive people’s viewpoints often change.

    Thanks for the great podcasts – Dave

  5. Jack a good choice for the shotgun also is low recoil 00 buckshot it will have a lot less penetration than standard or 3 in buckshot.

  6. jack a little humor for you.What does OBAMA stand for ONE BIG ASS MISTAKE AMERICA.

  7. hey Jack, love your show!
    I was wondering if you have done anything on the pandemic flu?
    what are your thoughts on it and the vaccine coming out later this year?
    Do you think that this could end up being a repeat of the 1918 pandemic?
    Studies are showing frightening similarities between the two viruses and I was thinking that we might want to add some meds to our preps in case we need to self quarantine later this year.
    As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts concerning this issue. Keep up the good work!


  8. @Pamela,

    I’m not Jack; but he has covered the pandemic flu in the show before (try the “Search for” field box in the upper right of the page). That said, though there are similarities between the two, there is an issue, that the H1N1 flu (the Swine flu) is showing strong resistance to Tamiflu (it’s not a vaccine, just medication that may reduce symptoms in certain flu strains); also, H5N1 (Avian flu) though more worrying (due to the infection vs death rate), has a much (at present) lower rate of infection then H1N1. If the two though co-mingle over the flu season in South East Asia (where they oft’ do), then a new, possibly more deadly flu strain might emerge that could affect humans more. From what I know, Tamiflu isn’t very effective at reducing the symptoms of H5N1 either (at the moment).

    Also, just to let you know, recent reports from the UK, suggest that the reason the Swine flu (H1N1) is more deadly then other variants for the Swine flu, is that is affects the upper respiratory system more.
    So, what are you to do, prep, keep you and your family fit, healthy, eat well and keep yourselves and your home clean.

  9. Thanks Jack for the plug for my ‘green’ blog entry on show 237! It was really cool! Take it easy and 73!

    ZombieAxe aka Mark

  10. Hey Jack, Loved the sheepdog reference in today show. It is one of my favorite references. Lt. Col. Dave Grossman uses that story that I believe was told to him during interviews with war veterans from ww2 and korea. I believe it was first referenced by him in his book ”On Killing” or ”On Combat.” Great work and highly recommended reads IMO. I apologize for any spelling errors~ Sent from my Blackberry.

  11. BlackMacX, thank you very much for responding. I’ll look right away for the podcast.
    I’m beginning to think that this coming flu outbreak will put all our preps to the test.

    God Bless,


  12. I am interested in container housing. Supposed to be cheap green and efficent. Any word or discussion on that? I will search also.