Episode-236- Listener Questions 7-13-09 — 13 Comments

  1. With your ‘Evil Overlord’ swine flu scenario (which I know was done tounge in cheek) I wouldn’t just say it was in limited supply, I would charge a fair price for it at the same time, if they are gonna go… its not like they would need the money. Again this is ‘Evil Overlord’ sort of sarcasm.

  2. @Canadian Nomad,

    Well played! Of course this would cause demonstrations demanding that it be free at least for the poor, old and the children.

    You get the point mandatory isn’t going to happen, if you want to get maximum response tell the sheep they can’t have something not that they are required to.

  3. @Dr. Horrible,

    I said it was an astrological occurrence, I didn’t say that I put any validity behind it. However, there isn’t another word one can use to describe the concept known as the procession of the equinoxes.

    The entire 2012 myth is based on it which is why I mentioned it. Don’t worry I won’t be basing my life choices on any astrologer anytime soon.

    I guess you could try to say that procession of the equinoxes is an astronomical occurrence? However the concept predates the science of astronomy and has its’ roots in the mythology of astrology, hence I call it what it is.

  4. Jack – Thanks for answering what I think was my question (if it wasn’t mine then it was someone asking almost the same thing) on criteria for buying suburban property. I had already come up with many of the things you mentioned, but it was good to get a confirmation that I’m not crazy for thinking some of these factors are important.

    I am a bit surprised you didn’t mention HOAs and deed restrictions, as I know you’ve talked about it in prior episodes. Here in Houston it is difficult to find anything not subject to an HOA, so it feels like the challenge for us is trying to find an HOA that isn’t a bunch of Nazis.

    Very true about staying outside of the loop surrounding a city. You mentioned Houston’s Loop 610, but I’d argue it is even better to be outside of the Beltway 8 (toll road about 8 miles further out from 610) or even the Grand Parkway (about another 8 miles further). We’re between 610 and BW8 now and deal with a lot of that urban crap that could really fester up in a SHTF.

  5. I believe it is precession, rather than procession:

    Gerald Celente opened his Trends 2000 book with some superstitious-sounding chatter about the precession of the equinoxes and that, combined with his mystic-like tendency to make pronouncements without showing his work has led me to dismiss him.

    The ancients were intelligent human beings, but their experiences and knowledge were more limited than ours in almost every area. While I can accept that they may have known things that we do not, such as how to build with primitive tools or treat a toothache with available plants, that is only because those problems do not exist for most of us. I have yet to see any evidence that the significance the ancients attached to astronomical phenomena are anything other than the mythological dreaming of people staring into the night with fear and wonder.

    My take on you, Jack, is that you are fundamentally rational, but that you reserve space for the mystical in an open-minded way and that in that space you allow yourself a belief in god, higher purpose, etc. I HOPE that astrology for you is something you entertain out of fun but rationally dismiss as unfounded. Like Celente, unfortunately, it sounded like you were giving astrology more gravity than it merits.

  6. @Abilard

    To acknowledge that someone or some group has a theory and to explain it as they see it is no type of endorsement.

    Now the galactic alignment is real, it is an actual occurrence, I just don’t think it means anything in the big picture.

    I think you and Dr. Horrible have been so jaded by the nut jobs that you have a hard time accepting simple commentary.

    Oh and those of you that correct my spelling, good lord but don’t you have more important things to do (grin). It also appears that the mis use of the word procession has been done at least 72,000 times so I ain’t alone.

    You guys should be happy that I pause during my day to respond to comments rather that take such pleasure in pointing out typos!

  7. Oh I appreciate that you are willing to interact. 🙂 And I make typos all the time. I raised the issue because, as I understand it, the “pre” refers to the direction of the movement, in contrast to “pro” which would mean the constellations would appear to move in the opposite direction in the sky from what they do.

    The reason I wanted clarification on your astrology comments is that I use the information you present in your podcast, and I therefore have an interest in understanding your reasoning process. If your reasoning process is suspect, I have to weigh that in. So thank you for your response.

    As to whether it is in YOUR interest to take the time to respond to questions like this, or even to do the podcast, that is for you to assess. I am glad you do, however.

  8. OK because it seems that no one can grasp this let me be clear.

    I DO NOT in anyway place any validity on predictions made from astrology or from people like Nostradamus.

    I DO marvel at the engineering and mathematics necessary for civilizations like the Mayans to create an accurate astrological calendar before we had a light bulb much less a computer. I think modern scientists often scoff at such civilizations and do not realize how much modern science owes to the mythology that allowed those with ancient wisdom to preserve their work.

    Is that clear?

  9. What would you consider a “HEALTY” amount of cash on Hand? 1K, 2K…What amount?

  10. Foxy,

    Email me at jack @ so I can email you back. The um “specifics” of such a question are not something I would make public. What I mean is how to protect it, how to divide it up, etc. It would just be to close to a blue print for a thief stupid enough to come to my house. I really don’t want to ever have to shoot anyone if I can help it.

    Short answer though 500 dollars is a bare minimum in my view. That should be in a very secure location in a fire box.